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The International Phonetic Alphabet

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The International Phonetic Alphabet also known as the (IPA) was created in the 19th century. The IPA was created to help with the pronunciation of different languages. For example, one of the goals of the International Phonetic Alphabet was to provide a unique symbol for each distinctive sound in a language—that is, every sound, or phoneme, that serves to distinguish one word from another (Britannica, T. E. ). In one of the tables of my research it shows that the IPA uses roman numerals the IPA is also used to help with getting a person’s speech pattern better whether it’s giving a presentation, reading aloud in class, or giving a speech at a ceremony such as a commencement.

Another definition of the International Phonetic Alphabet is, a system of writing using letters and diacritics to sound out speech (Nuno, M). The IPA can be beneficial in breathing exercises such as knowing to breathe in before reading and taking pauses in between certain points. It helps in three different areas which are all important these are place of articulation, manner of articulation, and voicing (Caine, J). To give a brief synopsis on the three place of articulation has two categories active and passive articulators (Caine, J) manner of articulation which tells how much airflow is being obstructed (Caine, J) lastly voicing which is the differentiation between similarities of place and manner (Caine, J). This method is used in many cases which some didn’t know that it is also used in the dictionary when you find the word it shows how to pronounce it this can be seen in parentheses right before you see the word.

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The sounds are represented by symbols rather than pronunciation due to many people that can learn visually versus verbally. It was also a model used for the IPA was a phonetic script created for English in 1847 by Isaac Pitman and Henry Ellis (Nuno, M). The IPA can help with making speech pattern more up pitch along with giving more confidence when standing in front of a big crowd delivering any type of announcement, when speaking more sound has to come from the mouth, tongue, teeth, and throat which carriers to the airflow (Caine, J).

In my Power

Point that was recently made on the IPA, I discussed on the importance of this method. For instance it allows for anybody to learn how to better than speech pattern and not just a linguist. A quick definition on what a linguist is this is a person skilled in foreign languages the IPA is universal which means that it’s open for anybody to use whether you want to improve in certain areas of pronunciation or to help teach someone else this is open for all to use. There are three reasons to wanting to learn the International Phonetic Alphabet which are getting words right for the first time, speak (with good pronunciation) from day one, and lastly gain a deeper understanding of phonetics (Ayancan, G. M).

The IPA has 163 symbols when learning majority of these pay attention to your tongue movement and make sure you are speaking clear and fluently or your words won’t come out the way you expect them to. There can be more to this than people know the different functions of the International Phonetic Alphabet can go further and maybe even beyond.


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