The Internet - a Good Way to Make Money

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The author car goes to provide a descriptive research account of how the internet is supposed to make a fun experience and a good way to make money. Car describe how the web is made to make money 4 people and how thinking skills and attention spans are belittled in the process he and his article by describing what people are losing in the new technology of the world. Intellectually he also talked about the new idea of thinking about the brain as a computer. At the end of his article car refers back to the 2001 film Space Odyssey in which he use to open his article .

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His article relates to the computer scene in the film indicating that the internet will cause us to become robotic like instead of a robot. While language is inborn reading is something that must be learned. Research over many years show that our mental state is rearranged differently depending on the language we are learning at the time, this indicates these circuits will be rearranged differently when we learn new technology as opposed to a printed reading material, similarly. Frederick found that are writing equipment take heart and the arranging of our thoughts while it once was believed that the human brain was done developing at adulthood ,James old a neuroscientist stated that “nerve cells are always for me new connections and rejecting old” the invention of the clock help create the scientific side of the Mind but also declined our sense of reason.

Carr explains that the internet is shadowed by the vast amount of our other intellectual technology as the media continues to bring us together and tear us apart not only physically but in our thoughts, there have been few studies done on how the internet is reprogramming Us in a sense that it is turning us into a machine for example, humans in today’s day and age are so consumed by t technology, we can’t even spend quality time with family without picking up our phone once or twice in the process. Carr believes that Frederick Winslow Taylor the author of the principle of scientific management was the Godfather of the Industrial Revolution the system he created for breaking down roles of a job is used in today’s manufacturing worldwide.Carr ponders on how far the goal to better our thinking will go.

Carr feels that the creators of Google are trying to turn the search engine into a artificial human that connects with our minds.Carr states that it is commendable to try unravel situations that have never been unraveled before, But the question remains if a artificial intelligence will really make humans better off for the future ahead. The companies that make the updated technology operate with the ideas that our minds should be just as fast pace working as the machines that they are creating. Carr encourages all Humans of today’s world and the next World to be skeptical of his skepticism because there is a possibility that the internet Will bring a life full of opportunities and success. At the end of the article car brings back to his start saying he is worried by the closing scene in the film 2001 and that the writer of the film prophecy that as we will become so mentally dependent on technology our own intelligence will become artificial.

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