The Internet as an Integral Part of Our Life

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The Internet has definitely become part of our everyday life. After I wake up in the morning while I have my breakfast, I can catch up on the latest news, check if the trains are running on time and see if I need to bring our umbrellas along. I can find this information online or through apps that can be downloaded onto my phone. Life can get so busy, but the internet can help save lots of time every day. No need to wait in line at shops to pay the bills, I can pay through our bank's website or app. Also, we have several other public services available online. I can use the internet to stay in touch with my friends and family in other towns, cities and all over the world. This is how the internet can be used to make life easier. The more I use, the more addicted and slave I become of the internet. When I started using the computer and the internet, having my personal information in a different type of account I wasn't sure if the internet was secure and safe to share very important information. There has been a huge worldwide explosion in the use of the internet, it is already changing the way we work, shop, bank and also the way we live. The internet is much cheaper than real life, phoning a friend in India costs more than to chat with him. Also, the email has replaced the traditional letters, we don't have to buy stamps anymore, it is much faster and more importantly it is for free!

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Internet's power exists is in its ability to deliver information and we are in the information world now. It's difficult to imagine a time when we do not have internet. Over the years the internet has made the world a much smaller place. Information has been put in a place that anyone can access at any time with just a press of a button or swipe of a screen. It has undeniably brought us wonders and made life easier in many regards. However, it comes as no surprise that many of us have taken this marvel of the modern world for granted. Say, we have an important life-changing piece of information in our short-term memory but then we hear that email cling and there it goes, email takes its place and we never get chance to learn anything.

The Internet has impacted society extensively that a day without it is roadway to hell. We, humans, crave for information, to find new information to know everything that's going on around us increases the chances of our survival. But from when the internet got into the picture, we have created this new environment, a digital environment in which we live more and more that we enter through our smartphones, tablets, and computers. We have created an environment of unlimited information and then we have geared the same to push information to us through all the time from Google, Facebook, and the other social media networks. We have adapted our way of thinking to suit the technology, so we are always distracted or interrupted, and we have optimized our mind to live in this new environment.

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