The Rise of the the Internet Generation and How Social Media Transforms Identities

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‘I liked making things’, said Mark Zuckerberg, when he had bought a book to teach himself how to write software. Then for pursuing psychology he joined Harvard and that was the very time he decided to launch and rented space on server at the biggest expense – eighty five dollar monthly. He decided not to return to Harvard.

The internet generation started growing up where there were a lot of people who were comfortable putting themselves online and conversing with each other. And that is where new media has got its own huge space. I believe these networking sites have nothing to do with networking at all, but just the curiosity and exhibitionism that is playing well. People like to share and are keen to know about each other.

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Anything that is accessible on any digital device containing interactive users and their feedback is new media. There is creative participation and where there is content available through internet on demand. New media includes websites like online newspapers (trending as e-news), blogs, wikis, games and social media. Social media, where people spend ample time talking to those who they can not meet or see everyday and ignoring those who are just sitting next to them. The satire lies in our bones.

No doubt that new media is helping us grow and enhance our general knowledge by reaching the masses in no time. People get to share each and every event with just a click on their digital devices. The most comfortable and portable device are the cell phones, without which we cannot survive. Making videos and documentaries on social or political issues are in rage and increase our social awareness also to develop concern towards our society. This definitely affects our culture and also contributes to transformation in our social and cultural values. It also does bring about a lot of changes or transformations in the attitudes and beliefs of every individual.

The persuasive nature of whatever content is written and is presented over the media influences the way people think and simultaneously their behavior changes. They tend to grow and also might grow a different perspective to sensitive issues affecting humans in one way or the other. An excellent platform for people to present themselves before the world and put forward their views and perceptions. After advent of new media, it is only responsible for making the world a smaller place to live in.

The practice of citizen journalism has come in place only because of new media. People anywhere are now able to inform and invoke each other in whichever way the want to. Anybody can become a journalist if that person has simple access to internet and a digital device. It has both connotations of having a positive and negative impact. Looking at things from a biased point of view is completely different. You are already following someone else’s opinions and beliefs. It does have a negative impact on just not who is believed it to be true but also to those it is been shared to. It is very important to make sure that what you are nodding to is unbiased and shall be true too.

If talking about how this media has helped us transform identities then the one with most of the concern are women. How women are identified now is completely different from the early times. It is been so well sparked that one biased comment and you are gone. We all have witnessed this change. We talk about feminism, and then we had this My Choice video by Vogue and a lot of other things as well. If I talk about this super raging topic of all times then I would say we all have grown so wise. Individually, new media has helped me grow my concepts on this topic of equality; it has widened my area of thoughts. But a lot of times we as users misuse the power given to us and touch the wrong chord. There is this issue of feminism we are talking about and a lot of people use it cheaply for just to get the popularity and to have people talk about the. That is why in our country the definition of feminism is still suffering.

Shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded movie theatre may trample people. You might correct what you said by saying ‘there isn’t any fire’ but then the crown has gone hay why. Same happens when we falsely enter wrong news and the rapid spread of that information is as risky as a jungle on fire. A fake tweet may have the worst consequences to deal with. For an incident like when a false tweet about Syrian president has been killed or injured, caused crude prices to increase by almost $1 before traders realized the news was false. The credibility of online information is on stake. What you always search on google, the results are not always right. You should always cross check the information or check how credible the site you saw the information on.

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