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What makes the Intex Prism Frame Pool Set so sleek is its subdued blue colored lining. As opposed to the bright blue associated with kids’ pools, this muted blue pairs well with the sophistication of teens and adults alike. The metal frame of the pool provides sturdy reinforcements that ensure that one person leaning on the side of the pool won’t make the walls dip down. This pool set is also equipped with state of the art Hydro Aeration technology that not only increases water clarity, but also the freshness of the pool. Not only so, but this makes for enhanced circulation and filtration, making clean up a breeze.

Pros and Cons:

To start with, the metal frame allows for individuals in the pool to lean against it without fear of the structure tipping over. The straight sides of the pool make it more spacious, maximizing the amount of people that can fit in the pool. The thorough instructional guide and DVD make setup virtually hassle free, and with the help of a few other people, the pool can be set up in under two hours. Many customers rave about the durability of this pool, and how it has lasted them nearly a decade. The Intex brand has been a backyard staple for years, and will continue its legacy in doing so.

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Yet with all those positive attributes that pair with the pool, there are some drawbacks. The first being that while installing the pool, one person may need to be inside the pool to straighten out the liner. This ensures that the bottom of the pool is smooth and that there are no bumps underfoot. Another problem regarding set up lies in the fact that the pool has to rest on a completely flat and level surface. Even a slight slope can mess this process up. Further, due to the pool’s high volume capacity, filling the pool can take 15 hours. And depending on the frequency of use–can substantially raise the water bill.

What’s Included:

Besides the pool itself, this set includes a removable ladder with slip-proof steps. Not only so, but the ladder is coated in a corrosion resistant steel frame, so there will never be a need to worry about rust. A ground cloth is also included and serves as a second barrier of protection for the bottom of the pool. The debris cover is made with a built-in rope tie, which helps securely tie it on top of the pool. The Intex brand also contains dual suction outlet fittings, resulting in improved water clarity and hygiene. An instructional DVD is included for help with pool set up, as well. And lastly, an auto timed filter pump is added in the package to ensure an easy clean.

Different Sizes Available:

There are three sizes available for purchase. The smallest pool measures 15 ft. x 42 in., and sells for $449. It holds 3,861 gallons of water with a pump rate flow of 1,000 gallons per hour. The next size up is 18 ft. x 48 in., and sells for $542. It can hold up to 6,432 gallons of water, and has a higher pump flow rate of 1,500 gallons per hour. Lastly, the largest size lies at 24 ft. x 52 in., with a price of $779. This pool holds an impressive 12,481 gallons of water with a pump flow rate of 2,500 gallons per hour.

How to Install:

This pool has a beginner friendly setup, including an instructional DVD for those who have never set up a pool before, or who need a refresher on the Intex brand. This pool must not rest on a loose foundation (e.g. soil, rocks, sand, mud). Firstly, the ground tarp must be placed on the ground. The horizontal supports must be secured before the vertical supports. A bubble leveler is recommended for use once the metal frame is locked into place to ensure that the pool is level. Next, add an inch of water to the pool, and check again that the frame is still level. The installation requires the pool liner to be completely flat upon setup, so it may be wise to have one person inside the pool to flatten any bumps out. The filter can be snapped into its place on the side of the pool. After that–the only thing remaining is filling up the rest of the pool.

Additional Supplies You May Need:

While the Intex brand includes everything necessary for pool installation, many customers report that buying a maintenance kit and an automatic skimmer serve as great additions to keeping your pool in shape. You may also consider purchasing a chlorine floater to ensure that your water is sanitized. Other customers recommend purchasing a saltwater system and sand filter pump as an alternate cleaning method. The Intex brand sells a duo set of these cleaners specifically designed for above ground pools. There are no chemicals included with Intex pools, so in order to keep your pool clean, you will need to go out and make some additional purchases.

Average Amazon Reviews:

Out of 84 Amazon reviews, the Intex Prism Frame Pool Set has generated an average 3.9/5 star rating. The number one feature that customers raved about was the sheer size of the pool. Even those who got the smallest pool noted that the amount of people that overcrowding inside the pool was not a problem. The majority of the customers love the variety of sizes with the pool, and remark that Intex is a brand that has lasted the wear and tear of several years’ uses. Some users have commented that the ladder included with the set is a bit rickety, so use caution when climbing up and down the steps. In a few of the reviews, the customers have noted that there are small holes in the pool upon filling it up with water. The pool set is luckily equipped with patches, therefore if a small hole is found, the patch kit will mend it immediately.

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