The Introverts, Extroverts and Ambiverts in Coworking Space

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  • The Introvert Coworker
  • The Extrovert Coworker
  • The Ambivert Coworker

Everyone one of us is different. While our body is made up of the same chemical components, as a complex being that can live, breath and think, we are all essentially different. Our interests, thought processes, actions and innate personalities are unique to each of us. Even so, most people are broadly classified into three different personality types, with a certain set of characteristics distinctive to each type. These are what we call the extroverts, introverts and ambiverts. So how do these three personality types fit into society? Quite often, these people gravitate towards people of places they find comforting. But what about workplaces? Surely an office setting will put different people together to work things out and bring out solutions, right? How do these people find a balance in such a place?

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For instance, with the growing number of coworking spaces in Dubai, a lot of the millennial professionals are attracted towards the idea of a workspace outside the confines of a traditional office. Even so, as we discussed, each personality type has its particularities which will ultimately decide on how they interact with their surroundings. In this light of the 2018 Coworking Global Survey, we present to you a small peek into the coworking space and work culture and how different individuals find their home away from home here.

The Introvert Coworker

While the introverts are shy and silent members of the society, they don’t necessarily stay away from the vibrant working culture of coworking spaces. Studies show that they are very much present and thriving in these spaces. For instance, when we consider different professions, the number of introverted freelancers who prefer to cowork is just as high as the number of the other two types. Although the number of introvert entrepreneurs working in these places is generally less, introvert employees are quite common in coworking spaces. So what attracts these individuals to the coworking culture? Although according to popular belief, introverts are not the ones for small talk, they still find the interactions stimulating in some way. While is unclear as to how much they interact, these individuals also find the coworking atmosphere ‘trendy’ and ‘relaxed’ than traditional workplaces.

The Extrovert Coworker

Extroverted individuals are vibrant, talkative and more or less life of the party. As coworkers, this is a group of people who feel the most connected to the coworking community they are part of. Extroverted freelancers, entrepreneurs and employees are quite common in any coworking space. The Coworking Global survey revealed that on average, these people talk to 6 other people in the coworking space every day. These individuals also regularly turn up for work and rate cowork spaces ‘worth their money’ better than the average. Their sense of belonging help boost their morale, improve their productivity, increase their social and professional network and help them feel part of something bigger and better.

The Ambivert Coworker

An ambivert people generally show the characteristics of both introverts and extroverts. So, do their interests fall somewhere in the middle when it comes to coworking spaces? Yes and no. While ambiverts are a group of people who enjoy working alone the most among all three personality types, they are the ones who stay loyal and commit to long term working in their choice of workspace. Also, these people consider a coworking space for different reasons like it’s proximity to their home, the facilities available and the value for money as compared to the other two types.

Ambiverts thrive in a cowork space just as well or even better than extroverts due to their distinct nature. These individuals are more productive in this work environment and claim to be better focused than the other two personality types. Interesting thoughts, aren’t they? So, what personality type are you? Whoever you are, we help celebrate your uniqueness by offering the perfect coworking spaces in Dubai. Connect with us today for more information.

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