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The Introverts

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You took a brush and played with colors, mixing, mixing as you discover; Oh little child you were happy, fascinated about different things So play child as much as you can and love child as much as you want; Don’t be afraid to let your feelings ooze, Let them know the colors in your heart and the world in your mind. Be the child you have to be that plays along with everything, Showing the figure of fantasy that separates you from reality; But it began to fade, the amusing possibilities; For time shows the truth behind the unimaginable And brought you to reality to feel and to live.

So many images in your mind passing How sad your dream is trap, trap in your timorous mind; A simple word that you cannot say A simple move that you cannot make Just because of an angel and demon, competing in your mind; That you cannot decide. Child you were so colorful then, Making things your punching bag Saying things, you want to say Playing harsh as you want to make You’re like a boy more than a girl, So boys fall for you, though you don’t have the prettiest face You don’t really study then, you just play Picking the subject you want, And slack off on the subject you dislike. But suddenly as you grew older, You became different, You became plain as a quiet white; Your too shy to talk, yet ready to burst The loud and cool girl before became me. I cannot remember having any friend, friend to talk too, friend to be true Passing time my image was fading not known Even I cannot remember what I did, So I gave my all to be known; I played the game to take and win And brought myself to trick or treat.

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They said they are my friend But I cannot say if they are true or maybe they are using me as tool Showing a smile from their face, covering the truth behind the fake; A way to hide the intention they want to make, So even though you say you are my friend; Is it true that you are what you say or just a word full of lie that you create? Full of doubt I obtain, full of recollection as I take; But life showed me the beauty within life itself Challenge beyond the path, triumph high above the sky; Mystery of life and the unknown of the afterlife. What a magnificent adventure, And an engaging one, it truly is; So I want to take the adventure of a life that will be an everlasting sight That will make a difference in the eternal life For to travel is to see and to live is to feel. And to make everything you want in the path of right Is to live a life that is more than I can have; A chance to view this world of life, A place of time to live and love And end your world to live and die.


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