The Invasion of Privacy Vs Spyware in Undercover Parent

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I have just read The New York Times newspaper article “The Undercover Parent” by Harlan Cohen about parents monitoring their kids on technology. I understand that your friends putting spyware in their son’s computer may have motivated Coben to write the article. Parent’s putting spyware in their kid’s devices is the way to keep an eye on their kid. Also how what kids share online isn’t kept private unless they know how to use it because it could be seen by others which could affect the person in the future. And how spyware in a kids devices could be beneficial because it can expose their kids’s true colors. I believe showing the benefits, reasons, and awareness of spyware in their kid’s devices was Coben’s purpose in writing the article, and parents, new parents and or guardians is his intended audience.

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If I were a parent, I would raise them in a way that I wouldn’t need spyware, but if that didn’t work then I wouldn’t go to a different solution because i’m glad my parents didn’t put any parental blocks, or spyware in my devices. I wouldn’t say it’s not the discussion because if my kid was not doing so well in grades, and was hanging out with the wrong people then, I would try to talk, or a reward for turning him or herself around. When parents are all in their kid’s business that could actually have the opposite affect and push their kids away from them. At the time parents would think about this, the kid might be around his or her teen years, and those are the years you need the most privacy and space for them to grow and experiment. If you keep them in a bubble, it will just be worse later in life for them because they would be naive. A benefit I do like from spying on your kid’s because if it isn’t detected by the kid than it could be a real help, because then I could see my kid’s true colors that they would never show me because i’m the parent and they wouldn’t think I would understand.

Talking about true colors, looks could be deceiving like how it said in the essay how the girl had straight a’s and was college bound, but with the spying the parents could see that their child was taking drugs and sleeping with her dealer. It also shows that the internet could be a dangerous place for kids and everyone in general, because the internet isn’t a safe browser, it could be seen by the public if leaked and could come back to haunt you. So spying hardware could prevent the kid to make that mistake.

In conclusion, I still wouldn’t resort to spying on my kids, but I believe it has benefits that could lead my kid in the right direction, but I also believe it has more cons than benefits, so it is a depending situation how my kid is and carries his or herself. So if some parents believe it’s their way and it works good for them, but I just don’t believe in it. 

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