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The Issue of Child Begging and Poverty in India

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India is the most dominant nation as far as economy. The quick development in economy and population is additionally expands the poverty in the Indian nation. This expanding population is causing disc breaks to the development of economy, with problem such as supply of food and request of nourishment, begging is one of them which is influencing the Indian financial framework in a most serious way as in the human resource is getting unutilised begging is most genuine social issue in India. Begging is a problem for society is as much as large no. of beggars means not utilization of human resources and available resources in existing environment. Sadly over 4 lakh children in India are trapped into this business/profession each year. Whereas in USA no child is seen begging. The social administration deals with the child and puts them in a protective home where all encompassing improvement of the child can take gives a lot of emphasis on Childs rights, and an opportunity to make the most of their rights uninhibitedly, explicitly and with no dread. But in India, where rule of law is maintained, and when we as a popularity-based nation are endeavouring hard to ensure the enthusiasm of everybody, for what reason is something like child rights which has been an issue for over 10 years not ready to meet with an answer? In talking about the part of child rights and beggary, this paper shall consider the question of child beggary and the disabled child beggars in also deals with causes and various problems faced by beggars, governmental help received by them and suggestion given by the people and as well as recommendation by the author for upliftment of the socio-economic standard of their life. the analysis reveals that the main cause of begging that force the people to adopt the heinous activity i.e. begging, are prevalence of poverty, illiteracy, by inheritance of caste, death of parents, disease etc. out of them, poverty is a single area towards this profession. this study demonstrates that the section of population is the poorest among the poorest who are still thriving for its need.


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India at the present time, has been facing various problem relating to child and from them one is beggary. According to official statistics roughly 60000 children disappear every year in India some human rights groups estimate that the actual number is much higher than that. Many of these children are kidnapped and forced to work as beggars for organised mafia like criminal groups. According to UNICEF human rights watch these children are not allowed to keep their earning or go to schools and are often starved so that they look gond and cry thereby eliciting most sympathy and donation from tourists and since Child beggars get more money than do healthy one, criminal groups often increase their profit by cutting out child’s arm, scaring his face with acid and amputating a leg. Sadly about 3 lakh children across India are forced to beg, using everything from addiction to drugs, to threats of violence and actual beating. These children can be seen in every town, city, and village in India. The core areas of activities are the places of pilgrimage and worship. They sit on your heels on the banks of rivers, near temples and other busy places. They wander from street to street, from one locality to another and beg for food and money. A beggar’s life is far more tragic than we can imagine. Standing at traffic signals, begging for that elusive rupee or two in exchange for a flower or a balloon. Rather than stopping this activity in society there are people have been allegedly running training centres for child beggars.

According to the information of this social evil stated by National Secretary, Bachpan Bachao Andolan said, the child beggars are part of a forced beggary racket. They are trained how to carry crutches to appear disabled on road and later paid Rs 10 or 20 as commission out of their daily earnings. There are gang leaders that include females also, who keep a check on the beggars so that they could not steal the money. Or if children are found doing so, they are beaten black and blue for is shocking that These little beggars are just another group of harassed victims which don’t actually have a choice. They just have to work irrespective of fever or any other disease. Teenager girl beggars suffer the worst. Be it a lorry-driver, auto-rickshaw driver or the notorious traffic policeman, all look at them with bad intention. And, the poor helpless girls cannot do much about it.

Its Compulsory for any Country Government to Eradicate Begging. Before Concentrating on the GDP of the Country or its Profits, first of all we should expel the Beggars in the Country. Despite the fact that we turn into a Great Country with all Developments, on the off chance that we have a solitary beggar in our Streets, we are Still an Undeveloped Country. Everybody Must Understand it. In Many Other Countries the Govt. is giving cash for every one of the people groups from Educated to Uneducated to live their life until they Get Settled by them possess. In our Country we don’t even need to Share cash for every one of the Peoples. At least we can support the poor’s and underneath destitution line people groups, at least for their Basic Living needs. However, every demonstration of Charity must be in an Organized way, Else each activity would finish in Vain.


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