The Issue of Colorism in Relation to Social Beauty Norms

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The effects of colorism have been bizarre. In the article “Why the Effects of Colorism Are So Damaging” by Nadra Kareem Nittle, mentions that colorism is consequence of racism, colorism is separation dependent on skin tone in which lighter skin is better than dark skin or sometimes vice versa. Imagining that the people of color would normally go to their very own community, however it's not generally the situation with regards to colorism when individuals from their very own ethnic gathering might be dismissed or disdain them expected by their skin tone inclinations installed from West's history in racial domination. Nepotism based on skin color has many negative effects self-esteem, beauty standard and even relationships. A damaging social problem, which is usually underestimated.

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It seems to me that society and our interaction with other individual have a large impact on how we see beauty. Although there is a progressing social discussion about beauty standards and how the media that depict them, the discussion goes a great deal diversely in the black community. Some people grow up not having to worry about rejection. Their beauty is not news to them, and not something they could doubt. I’m convinced other don’t have this type of advantage and they grow up with low self-esteem, which can be further encouraged by social comparison. I must agree with this statement, because there are lighter skin models then darker skin ones. Noticing that they don’t look like the others who are getting positive attention. What I don’t agree with is how beauty standards are more in favor of people with fair skin, beauty shouldn’t have a skin color hierarchy. I say more beauty to all people just because nobody wants to feel a certain way about themselves. This made me believe that westernized beauty are so ingrained in our heads and our society, anything that deviates from them is considers lesser than.

I've seen that colorism turns seriously close to home when it appears in families. It can prompt parents favoring one child over another on account of their skin tone. In the article, it refers to that it might disintegrate the dismissed the child’s self-esteem advertisement break the trust among parent and kid it encourages a kin contention. This can likewise occur in predominately black/ African American schools, where light-skinned treating their darker students in a similar prejudicial manner as white has done to ethnic minorities for the most part. I disagree that there are such discriminatory actions against each other, disregarding that we are one whole community. That reason why is instead of going forward I detect that like history repeating itself, just like how it was originally in the past and that’s discrimination. At the same time, I‘m not completely sure that colorism is can only exclusively toward dark skin. From my own experience growing up, being called white and “not black enough.” It can go both ways, and still be shamed based on every ranging skin tones.

In the article it mentions a child with dark skin gain an understanding of how their skin bares no significance, by family, friends and/or society. Those feelings will eventually develop a self-loath. I could agree, when a child has no understanding of racism, it causes difficulty to comprehend if someone skin color is good or bad. That growth of self-hatred can eventually lead to warning signs such as self-harm or even trying to bleach their own skin. Over the years I’ve heard and seen kids being treated differently because of the shade of their skin regardless if there were the same ethnic group. Growing up, I was told by darker girls that desired my skin color and say I was blessed with fair skin. This widespread belief that darker skin women aren’t beautiful is the reason why negative comments can still be made often.

Colorism is and always has been a persistent problem for people of color in America. It continues to divide African Americans and other racial groups. It’s a must to begin an understanding, respect, value and appreciation that the fact although different, in many ways we are alike. Individuals become the change for unity and embrace diversity of people of color. 

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