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The Issue Of Duterte Saying That Catholic's God Is Stupid

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Why is it a big issue for the concerns of citizens about the speech of duterte? It is because it’s a big shameful crime to call our god stupid. It will be a big issue through the person whom are all Catholic’s. Duterte cannot be called a good president because he didn’t respect the religions of his people. He is stating nonsense things that are not true although it’s all known as a lie. He didn’t even try to considerate the feelings of the persons whom are Catholic’s. he is not a good leader for the people of his country.

Duterte is also known as a president of our beloved country “Philippines”. But within those words he said and the way he acts in his speech, he just pushed his people away from him. He can lose everybody’s respect because of his wrong decisions. He is the only president who disrespected the Catholic’s religion and didn’t even bother to know what would be his image after that speech. The person who are Catholic’s only knows how great we are to have a god like ours, so no one could under estimate him in front of other people and in the other religions. For me duterte is being rude when it comes to catholic religion because of his inappropriate attitude. No women or men could call himself as a god because he didn’t even care about his people and he didn’t have the right attitude for so called as a god.

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Duterte have no right’s to proclaim himself as a god because he cannot even manage crimes in just one snap, yes he can control the country over his hands but he cannot control our lives and feelings over his fingers. The persons whom are Catholics said that duterte have to apologize to god because of his wrong doings and sinful words. In my own opinion duterte should swallow his pride to gain again the trust of his people. Why did duterte call his god a perfect one even if it’s not? He didn’t even manage to know what does our god did just to make us alive and living in the world. He did even compare what kind of god is our god and what’s his. He didn’t even think about what could be the impression of it for his people also to him and he didn’t even bother to think about what he has done. There are so many people in the world who believes in god but yet there’s always anyone who will destroy it for his own good and to what he believes. He disobeyed the god who suffer just to lose our sins and did forgive us to all the sins we have made. Duterte is a person who didn’t respect Catholic’s god and now maybe there is someone against him that could disrespect him as a president.

Catholic may have some things that they didn’t know about the persons of their church but they have respect to each person within this country. Duterte is elected 2 years ago but yet he didn’t have enough wisdom about how to make his country be peaceful in a good way. For me, we must live a country with a good leader, so duterte have to adjust his attitude and the way he handle his country also his people. We people already have our sins in life, but we also have to right to correct the sins we’ve made. All people have many personalities but our bad doings can be corrected if we have the control to every move we make. We must think before we speak and we must bothered to think what could be its effect to the people around us.


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