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Comparison and Analysis of the Studies on the Gender Role Oppression on Males

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Compare and contrast: masculinity“There are three things: there’s masculinity, there’s intelligence, there’s sensitivity. You’ve got to bring those three things to a leading man’s role: masculinity, sensitivity, intelligence. In some people, there’s a little too much in the mix of one or the other,” says Alec Baldwin. Depending on our biological gene, culture we are being brought up, and so on calculates masculinity, intelligence, and sensitivity. Author of “The High Cost of Manliness,” Robert Jensen and author of “Guys Suffer from Oppressive Gender Roles Too,” Julie Zeilinger both describes the compulsion from the society which makes men to force themselves to be considered as masculine. As an author of “The High Cost of Manliness,” and graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies Robert Jensen points out how hard to live in this society when you are born as a male.

According to author, he mentions that we need to discard the psychological and social traits which follows male biologically. When we discard the concept of masculinity, it will be easier to create this world a better place for both men and women regardless of their gender. In this world, men are struggling for control, conquest, and dominance. When men look at the world, if they want a thing, they give their full effort to achieve their target. The activities of men are mainly denoted in the field of business, military and sports. Most often, men try to take charge of everything rather than being controlled by someone else. There is always an extreme struggle between men for dominance. The life of masculinity is considered as endless competition and threat. There are more similarities between men and women than differences. But our society only glance at the difference between them. Men and women differ physically by their body size, hormones, and reproductive system. Author, Jensen includes in his article that men tends to focus on competition, domination, and violence. In the conclusion, author Jensen agrees that men have the same amount of strength as women. In his point of view, he states that the world won’t survive if the high cost of manliness remains existence.

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As a woman, Julie Zeilinger, author of “Guys Suffer from Oppressive Gender Roles Too,” writes blogs and articles about women’s issue on this planet. She compares men to a rock and transformer both externally and internally. In just one sentences, she states the view of men by comparing them to be rock. Rocks are tough both inside and outside. But men are not like that. They are supposed to be identified by their muscles and brute not by any of their personality traits. Like women, men also have emotions. But the way both genders reveals out is totally different. Men try to conceal most of their emotions internally. While women reveal her emotions to the society. To reach their dream and goals, guys must possess cunning character of fox. By using power and money, guys need to get ahead in the race to achieve success. Women are considered as one of the competitors in this competitive world. They feel the pressure of being a competitor. Similarly, men also feel the same pressure when they compete. But they tend to conceal their pressure while women reveal out her pressure. Men involve themselves in violent activities which gives the feeling of being stronger and more masculine. Zeilinger mentions many ways in which the differences in the gender can bring out harmfulness to the community. She explains how men feel to live in this world. Author points out the reason on why boys teases other boys as this activity of boys makes them feel good about themselves. She describes how gay men must live by both qualities of men and women. The writing includes metaphor, symbolism, repetition, imaginary and motif. Both the author, Jensen and Zeilinger discusses the manliness in our society. The way they brought their points to the readers varied. Both authors showed valid points.

In my point of view, I think author, Jensen seems to be more understanding as he blames our society for gender differences. At the other hand, author, Zeilinger mentions that society is the cause for gender differences. But at the same time, she points out men are the reason for causing this effect on the society. “Any fool knows men and women think differently at times, but the biggest difference is this. Men forget, but never forgive; women forgive, but never forget,” says Robert Jordan. Comparing to women, men are facing more challenges in this society. Men tends to cover their feeling more internally. They tend to express less outside. While women are easily bringing out their feeling. Men are more likely to express their pressure on the society mainly on women. Men consider themselves possessing the supreme power of the human being.


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