The Issue of Modern-Days Chivalry and Whether Its Concepts Can Be Applied In Our TimeS

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As I was scrolling through Facebook the other day I came across a post from an older friend of mine. It was a picture of her husband brushing the snow off of her car. Underneath the picture she mentioned how he drove to her work right before she was supposed to get off so that he could have it warm and ready for her. I love seeing a man being chivalrous towards his woman, but I’m seeing less and less of it in today’s society. When I do see acts of chivalry, however, a lot of times I’ll see those acts go unappreciated or looked at as if it were demeaning.

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Chivalry used to be something of nobility, a sign of courtesy, or a complimenting gesture. Now, the rarely seen acts have been devalued and unappreciated. Many would like to say that the art of chivalry has faded away due to men and their lack of effort being forth into these acts. However, I believe that the lack of it is due to the complacency in women in today’s society and the rebellion against the “patronizing” man.

Dating has changed a lot since time has gone on. It’s gone from a man continuously trying to court a girl, meeting the parents in hopes of being acceptable for their daughter, and constantly putting in effort to woo her. It used to be thought of as unacceptable not to give up your seat for a lady, open the door for her, or walk her back up to her door after a date. Nowadays, courting a girl consists of meeting her on social media, getting together for a few drinks over some meaningless conversation, finding one thing in common and hooking up. A “hookup society” is now our social norm. What was once the standard of dating has been lowered immensely and women have become completely complacent with that.

It’s easy to place the blame on men and say that they’re too lazy to put in the effort. However, I don’t think that this is the problem. Women need to take responsibility in the fact that we’re letting men think that no effort is required. We set our own standard and it’s up to them to meet it. If your standard is low, it’ll be easy to obtain. It amazes me to see how many women are dumbfounded as to why men don’t put forth the effort into “wooing” them; it’s because they let them get away with the bare minimum. I believe that you get the behavior that you permit. If you allow your relationship to keep moving forward, than he already thinks he’s done enough. Failing to realize this, women have lowered their standards, thinking men are incapable of doing acts of chivalry. Women in today’s society have become completely satisfied with these lower standards leading to chivalry losing its value. Even though it has become less significant, chivalry is still alive for those who still care about and appreciate the courteous acts.

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