The Issue of Obedience to Authority Over Nazi Germany

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I found it appropriate to evaluate the issue of obedience to authority over Nazi Germany and developed some insights according to it. For example, 92-year-old German citizen Bruno Dey, who served as a guard during Nazi Germany, will appear before the judge in October because he was an accomplice in the death of 5,230 people. The court in Hamburg said that Dey was a guard at Stutthof Concentration Camp from 1944 to 1945. Dey will be tried for obstructing those who want to flee the camp, which is now on the Polish border. Bruno Dey will be tried at the juvenile court because he was about 17-18 years old when he was serving as a guard for the Nazis. Dey is charged with six to ten years in prison if convicted. In addition, considering the age of the defendant, a two-hour restriction was imposed on the hearings. Stutthof survivors and relatives of the victim more than ten people will follow the case as complainants. In my opinion, this is more than a service for any purpose of justice in the proceedings of a trial prepared with the mood of revenge. because these people who are on trial are not high-ranking people, and it is also not possible to ignore many events that share the same fate when normally the authority is not followed. Today, when Nazi Germany is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is why the holocaust, I think the tragic death of these people, paved the way for the use of political blackmail. In other words, a distinction has to be made between those who work in this lower level, who have no choice but to submit to authority, and those who willingly enjoy such tragic events.

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As a result, no one should be happy with the death of other human societies in terms of culture or use it as a means for a purpose. Almost a significant portion of the war crimes committed during the Nazi and Soviet times have been overshadowed by some tragedies, and unfortunately, when the justice system becomes a vengeance system, it only hints at the importance of war crimes of a particular group. Similarly, war crimes committed by the Soviet Union, such as the Katyn massacre, have never seen the necessary care and importance, and the documents proving this have been hidden for a long time. It is the system of criminal labor camps of the government of the Soviet Union. It is a kind of judicial and enforcement system established on 25 April 1930 for the rapid prosecution and isolation of anti-Soviet elements (political criminals). Over time, many labor camps in many parts of the Soviet Union. in fact, such camps were used even in cases of defiance of authority, such as non-obedience of people, like the Nazi camps, which shows that the cultural camp system is similar to the Nazis. Political repression campaign The Great Purge It led to the cleanup between the Communist Party and state officials, and the oppression of the Red Army and landowners, as well as an extensive police investigation, led to arrests and arbitrary executions. The most intense liquidation in Russian history, 1937-1938. With this campaign, the Right Opposition and the Left Opposition were suppressed and many of the members of the two opposition supporters were tried and executed. 

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