The Issue of Poverty & Importance of Education

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“A little girl’s step towards a better world”

A Dream From Utopia

Our world today faces an avalanche of problems of social, political, environmental, as well as psychological nature. These increasing problems claim a dire need of effective, yet persistent resolutions. All around the globe we have a load of distinct problems, which are slowly conquering the whole world. These are social problems such as poverty, hunger, and lack of education. These are political problems such as inequality, injustice, and the outbreak of war. These are also environmental problems which are slowly building up to the breaking down of a sustainable planet. As well as psychological problems which suggest that empowering women is completely unorthodox, irrational, and quite close to being a crime. All these multifaceted problems, desperately urging to be resolved.

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We as humans have become so immensely engaged in our personal lives that we barely have the time to look at the people around us and what they are going through. Every now and then we get hit by another traumatizing news from somewhere around the world that leaves us in immense grief and sorrow. We all react for a while and then, because of our incredibly forgiving nature, we tend to return to our “robotic” lives; so restrained and unemotional. We have become ruthless. Our emotions are limited. We do not react until our personal interests are at risk. Our belongings, our family, and our loved ones. Perhaps we have forgotten how it feels like to care for others, to help others, and to protect them. We have become so entangled by the idea of hatred and ignorance towards others that it blinds us from the importance and need of love and peace. The world today is facing many problems, which unfortunately won’t be resolved unless we all come together as the guardians of humanity and create some persistent resolutions which shall secure us and the generations to come with a better tomorrow.

This book is meant to encourage people of all ages to play their part in order to make this world a better place. As individuals, we tend to impact our society and its surroundings with our actions; either positively or negatively. I want to encourage people to understand that their age, gender, or responsibilities can’t stop them from doing small actions of kindness and goodness which will eventually benefit our society. Believing that you’re too little and incapable of changing the world is simply denying the thought of a better world. Leaving it all on for tomorrow is like covering on issues that you aren’t ready to face. If not now, then when? If not you, then who?I am just a little girl who wishes to be the change that can make this world a better place.

A place where everyone is treated equally, where everyone has food, and clothing, and a roof over their head. A place where education is a right, not a privilege and a place where every individual’s life is worth the whole of humanity. This all might seem to be a euphoric dream which is meant to be nothing but a childish escapade, but who knows, because even a little, very little flicker of hope doesn’t take much to become a fire of determination. As Gandhi once said, “Be the change you want to see in this world” Fizza Naveed Fatima“Eternal Beauty” - By: Peter LikPoverty & Starvation.

In today’s world, poverty is a bitter reality which remains a part of almost 80% of the world population. Almost half of the world live on less than $2.00 a day. This reality deprives them of the most basic human needs essential for survival. This includes clean water and sanitation, food and nutrition, health and wellness, and a roof over their head. Not having enough resources forces them to see and suffer the gruesome realities of life. Everyday they wake up to the same worry; the question of survival. Some parents surrender themselves to this vicious actuality just for the hope that their children won’t have to suffer, whilst others who remain incapable because of either health or responsibility have to bear a heavy heart and watch their children become victims of child labour instead of seeing them going to school and getting an education.

There are about 2.2 billion children in the world and half of them are serious victims of poverty. In simple words, every second child in the world is deprived of the basic necessities of life. Every day about 22,000 children die in hands of poverty. Silently, an innocent life collapses in some of the poorest villages on earth, far away, isolated and invisible to the conscience and emotions of this cruel world. Children, the future of this world, and yet we let them die so easily, remaining so restrained and tranquil. Perhaps we are forced by our undoubtedly forbearing human nature. It remains unfortunate, but true that even if anyone of us try to help and make a difference, we are silenced by either our own responsibilities or the everlasting stereotypes which remain a consistent aspect of our society. I want you to understand that making a difference is not only possible by changing the whole world, that is indeed impossible as changing the world is not a one-man show, but what is possible is that you start off by changing yourself. Make yourself a better person.

Issues such as poverty are caused by many distinct reasons such as corruption, lack of access to education, and the increasing gap and inequality between the distribution and consumption of wealth. What’s even more abominable is that issues such as poverty are the ultimate genesis of even more dreadful issues such as starvation. You might find it quite foreseeable that poverty and starvation go hand in hand and exist on an equilibrium in society. For many of us the word “food” might not be of much importance as it is an incredibly understood fact that we will always have plenty of it. We take it as a for granted glee without even realizing for a single moment that for many its presence is not worth less than a benevolent blessing. As humans, food is not just a means of contentment, rather its the most basic, yet the most essential necessity needed in order to survive. The UN and other members of the Supra States have always highlighted this issue and its linking after effects and shown great concern regarding its increasing victims, but yet again there is a huge difference between policy and practise.

Lately the United Nations has successfully managed to convince most of the nations of the world to come together and create some persistent solutions in order to end some of the most daunting realities of the world. These are the 17 Global Goals codefined by the prominent world leaders which are envisioned to be achieved by 2030. Standing first on the list is the goal for zero poverty followed by the goal for zero hunger. In order to turn this belief into reality, we all have to contribute and put in some effort. I am not asking you to attempt something beyond your capabilities, rather just doing a little act of generosity might just as well count in for the change. Some examples can be to take part in poverty reduction camps, help the poor through aid, or perhaps create awareness about this issue among those of us who will never know otherwise.

Volunteering for or even arranging a weekly or monthly held soup kitchen and offering the poor and less fortunate a generous meal every once in a while might just as well bring a change. Small things that will not only engage the young in citizenship, but they will also learn to express their views and make decisions that will shape their future as well as influence the people around them. Taking the matter on a higher level, indeed some major steps can be taken worldwide. For instance, creating more jobs, raising the minimum wage and also supporting pay equity. These are just a few suggestions which are to be implemented by the federal government of each individual country in order to achieve the goals we have defined for the betterment and positive growth of this world. “The Vulture and The Little Girl” - By: Kevin Carter (1993)“River Moods” - By: Peter Lik

The Importance of Education

In today's world, education not only serves as a way to get a job and become successful in life, but it also helps us to understand ourselves and our capabilities better in order for us to create a firm perspective towards life. With the help of education we breathe sense and logic into everything around us. We analyze things better and indeed turn out to be quite successful in the marathon of life. Education is what empowers us and allows us to experience the world around us in all its psychedelic colors. It is what enlightens us and expands our accumulated body of knowledge and gives us the chance to truly cherish and appreciate the wonders that exist around us, because to live without knowing the wonders surrounding, is just like not living at all. Education is what enlightens us and makes us feel alive and more aware of who we are and our purpose in life. Because ignorance isn’t always bliss, rather it’s missing out on all the wonderful adventures and wonders life has in store for us.

Education is also the great reality which differentiates us from animals. It is what helps to develop and nurture the important aspects of life, such as health, work (your career and finance), learning (your personal development), as well as your ability to socialize. This wonderful world and all it’s gifts would be of no use if we didn’t have the enlightenment and knowledge on how to use them. If we look at it from a broader perspective, we could conclude that education can be the solution to every problem faced by all the developing countries in the world as their future is pre-ordained to depend primarily on their coming generations. Education of the nation is what determines the role and contribution of each individual in order to support the growth of both their country as well as the rest of the world. At this particular stage, the very priority of each nation should be to provide quality education to each of it’s individuals such that they thrive and grow into responsible citizens which contribute towards the positive growth and betterment of society.

For instance, education can be the ultimate solution to break and redefine many prolonged stereotypical notions which have been dominating our society for an eternity. Education can also help to empower individuals and give them the very ability to think and make major decisions on their own. Because of being well known to all the multifaceted problems and their spillover effects, an individual will be much more likely to make rational, yet independent decisions which will affect both the person and the people around them in a positive way. Simply said, education is not only the key to success, but also to unlock the way leading towards a better world. By narrowing down the issue, we realize that today there are 263 million children and youth who are out of school and are thus deprived of an education.

Many are forced in the hands of fate to become victims of child labour instead of going to school; they are forced to roughen their hands by work instead of letting them hold a pencil. Others don’t have the facility of a school nearby. Little innocent souls, exposed to the cruelty of this restrained world at a sensitive age for when one is to learn and grow. If more children, the ultimate future of this world, continue to remain deprived of this necessity, this right, this undeniably indispensable entitlement to education, then it’s a waste in believing that the issues we face today can be conquered tomorrow. As Malala quoted: “ One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world.”Without a doubt it can be said that children are the future of any country and thus providing them with a proper education must be the ultimate priority in order for them to grow and become responsible and productive citizens. Because early opportunities are what lay the foundation of future success.

If we want to see this world prosper, we need to redefine education as a birthright of every child rather than a privilege of the fortunate. Your accident of birth should not be the thing that dominates your future. Every girl, every boy, everywhere is entitled to attend school and get an education. Children are just like little flowers that need to be nurtured and given the right to education in order for them to grow and bloom into responsible citizens. Naturally we humans are more amenable to learning in our growing years. The things we learn as children are the ones that eventually shape us as humans. All the knowledge we are exposed to as children is what remains with us as the very foundation of our learning and actions as adults. Thus providing every child with quality education is what will prepare them to become determined, disciplined, and responsible humans. Today, the role of education in a society seems to be much less acknowledged for what it really is. It is only through education that a society becomes ordered and civilized.

In a modern day world, a healthy functioning society is often recognized as an educated society. In order to grow, every society claims a dire need of educated and well aware people who have the ability to challenge and redefine the ever dominant stereotypical norms and unrighteous traditions in order to develop and proceed towards positive advancements for its betterment. In order to turn this dream into a reality, we all have to contribute a little on our part. Supporting organizations such as SOS Children’s Village and Pencils of Promise can indeed help bring a big change. Taking part in or organizing awareness campaigns or fundraisers to help build schools around the world can be a great way of showing support. Indeed, sky’s the limit, but it is our responsibility to help and show support to all the children and youth around the world who remain deprived of this right. Because maybe, just maybe, there is a slight possibility that this dream from eutopia can soon enough become a remarkable reality.

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