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The Issue of Pro-choice Movement and Pro-life Stance on Abortion

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The paper analyzes the issue of pro-choice which became a center of debate in America and Europe in the late 20th century. Pro-choice was a movement advocating for the rights of women to choose or not to have an abortion under certain circumstances. The document examines the issue based on different perspectives which include religious, feminist, politics, and morality. It provides an overview of different scholarly resource which extensively scrutinizes the concerns raised by pro-choice activists.

The article focuses on different perspectives brought out by people regarding issues of contraception practices and abortion. The Jews and Romans had the same belief that a fetus isn’t a human until out of the womb. This asserts that pro-choice and pro-life was majorly based on emotions rather than research. The emotions that pro-choice and pro-life was based on were religious, ethical, and moral emotions. Little research was conducted by critics of pro-choice to determine health benefits associated with abortion. It is scholarly research done regarding the philosophical considerations, politics of abortion, and religious views of abortion. This source was extremely helpful in many ways. The study broadens my research by bringing different perspectives that paints a true picture on the topic of abortion. It shows pro-life activists have little to no regard for the women and their personal health. The lies brought up by pro-life activist brings a new dimension in understanding the complexity of legalizing abortion. The article does not change my opinion, it actually drives me to side with pro-choice more.

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The article analyzed the abortion debate based on how women of color get their reproductive justice. The article argued that both the pro-choice and pro-life movements depict a racist and sexist political position that hurts women of color. The study shows that white supremacy is constructed to targeted women of color. Prisons have become more about controlling a certain group of the population than a real crime. Women in minority groups are denied reproductive justice which damages their well beings.

The study was written by a scholar who provided a different angle in understanding the issue of abortion. Andrea Smith spent fifteen years as an activist in the reproductive justice movement. The source is very helpful in illustrating key facts about pro-choice and pro-life which changes my earlier thinking on the topic. It helps me get insights on abortion beyond normal contradicting arguments. The study shows how whites are more privileged. This enhances my learning of how your society will treat you because of your status and race. Overall, the source helps strengthen my beliefs in the pro-choice movement.

The paper concentrates on the moral defense of abortion as argued by pro-choice. It asserts that women are entitled to their decision to abort a child based on their anatomy. It displays the need to respect the right of reproductive choice. It is ethical to allow abortion which saves the life of the mother. Also, it hence the fact that abortion has become a thought because some pregnancies can have a detrimental effect on women whether the pregnancy is unhealthy or unwanted. These sentiments are very reliable based on the authors’ philosophical approach to the subject matter. Caitlin Borgmann was a state strategies coordinator, and Catherine Weiss was director, American Civil Liberties Union Reproductive Freedom Project, New York.

As such, the article provides a new dimension of abortion rights which supplements my earlier research. The knowledge of morality concurs with my argument on the benefits of health and safe abortion. The article also assists with my opinion that whether the women choose to keep the fetus or not she will be judged by society. From society, viewpoint abortions are only allowed if the fetus was conceived by force. The research I’ve done has informed me that there is more care for the fetus than the women carrying the fetus.

Grisanti (2000) examines the abortion dilemma from a biblical perspective. The article indicates the Christianity views on abortion. Some Christians feel as if women have the right to abortions. The Christians sort abortions into two categories. The two categories are abortions happening naturally and the abortions being medically induced. The author is a prominent professor who has expertise in social philosophy hence making the article useful. Michael Associate Professor of Old Testament. It perfectly fits my research by broadening the subject matter on a religious background. I will use the study to give a religious approach to my arguments. The article also gives me an insight into the different procedures used for abortions. Furthermore, the study explains how “God “knew” certain ones before birth.” Meaning that God knew ahead of time if the fetus was going to live or die despite the decision the mother makes.

The book investigates the pro-choice debate in Canada which raised political heat in the 1990s. The study found that the Supreme Court of Canada made a very strong decision by supporting access to legal abortion by mothers. The article made it clear that gender equality is necessary. The study expresses how the constitution supports rights to reproduction freedom. In the article, it exclaims how women should have protection against pro-life.

The document is reliable due to focus on diverse perspective on the debate with comparison to American arguments. The book will be of great help in my project to understand the issue of abortion beyond American borders. Many countries globally have experienced difficulties in understanding the issue of abortion hence being a credible source for my project. The study is useful to show the fact the women aren’t much of a concern. It is more about the fetus, legal, and moral say. The article helps shape my argument on the fact that abortion shouldn’t be looked at as criminalization.

The paper also provides an international perspective on the issue of debate. The paper indicates that many countries especially Muslim countries have inconsistent laws and lacunas. Those factors prevent a clear interpretation of women’s rights on abortion. The inconsistencies of these laws have caused many fatalities among pregnant women. The fetus should not be considered as a human but as a portion of women’s anatomy.

The study is scholarly based on the research and surveys taken thus being a dependable source. The source will be key for my project especially in investigating international laws and practices that touch on the abortion debate. Having an overview of international laws is key in broadening my approach to the subject matter. It opens the viewpoint that women have rights in terms of the law. In the 13th century, abortions were viewed as legal. The article supports my opinion that life begins once the infant is outside of the womb.

The article focuses on the abortion debate based on judicial laws. The study also emphasizes women’s rights, gender equality, and religious freedom. It argues that abortion is a normative baseline that is deeply embedded in the constitution. It is tremendously affected by religious contractions and irrational laws. Abortion is looked at from a religious perspective more than a woman’s right perspective.

The author used a key methodology which makes the source very informing and exceptional. It will be of great significance to my research. It gives more insights on the legality of abortion in America. The Roe and Casey arguments form the basis of my analysis of their significance in the abortion debate. In the eye of the law, abortion is legal. It is a natural human right given to women. The right to start a family or not shouldn’t be taken away from women.

The source investigates the pro-choice arguments based on feminist theory. It finds that the issue of abortion is discussed as an issue of women’s equality and sexuality. The study pays little attention to its importance in terms of its legality. The government is supposed to support women with any choice made. Abortion is a right that is rarely taken care of in American society. It is a useful source since it approaches the debate in an independent angle which is the issue of feminism. It will be of great significance in understanding the abortion debate on a new perception. That will ultimately enhance my knowledge on the topic. More importantly, it depicts the fact that the government should not decide nor have say in the intimate decision for the mother. The feminist theory investigates the subject matter in a new perspective which is key in my research. The study didn’t change my opinion on being pro-choice.


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