The Issue with Women When It Comes to Leadership, The Glass Ceiling, the Double Standard

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  • Literature Review
  • My 5 top sub-ohm tanks of 2018 include
  • Smok TFV12 Prince
  • Smok TFV12 Prince Pros and Cons
  • Pros
  • Freemax Mesh Pro Cons and Pros
  • Pros
  • Horizontech Falcon Resin
  • Horizontech Falcon Resin Pros and Cons
  • Pros
  • Eleaf Ello Duro and Ello Vate
  • Eleaf Ello Duro Pros and Cons
  • Pros
  • Uwell Crown 3
  • Uwell Crown 3 Pros and Cons
  • Pros
  • Conclusion

A woman is said to be arrogant while a man is confident, a man is a ball breaker but a woman in uncompromising, a woman is said to be aggressive but a man is said to be assertive, a woman is said to be controlling but a man is said to be a leader, women are said to be manipulative, while men are said to be strategic(Chimaamanda). Why is there a double standard when it comes to women taking up careers and jobs that is said to be “a man's job”. Women are faced with many obstacles when climbing the ladder of success. It takes hard work to get to the top, but when it comes to women they have to put in twice as much work as men and get half the credit ( Bierema, 2016, p. 120 ).

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There is a question that majority of women who are career focused and driven are asked which is “ Can you have it all”. As a woman trying to juggle work and at the same time family, they are subject to stereotypes which makes it harder ( Bierema, 2016, p. 120 ). Bierema says that:” working women’s lives are complex intersection of identity, socialization, culture, family life, socioeconomic status, education, race , ethnicity, sextual orientation, religion and other variables”(p. 120).

The purpose of this research is to talk about the issue with women when it comes to leadership, the glass ceiling and the double standard that is held against women.

Literature Review

when talking about women employment there is a stereotype that affects them negatively. It can be very challenging to be an efficient and effective leader, but when it comes to women the problem they face multiply ( Bierema, 2016, p. 120 ). Lots of organizations fail to see this gender disparities, because they hid behind the fact that the structure of their organization is “Gender neutral” which is in fact not true. This is one of the reasons organizations fail to address these issues that exit for women in the workplace. Employees are always encouraged to increase their efficiency and to work harder. They strive to fit that “ Ideal worker” image, however this image is geared towards a man that is loyal to his work. According to Cha, “The ideal worker image disadvantages women because embedded in the image is a worker who is completely devoted to the organization, which directly contradicts social expectations that women will be the “ideal caregivers”( Bierema, 2016, p. 120 ). This stereotype of has failed to be destroyed because of the societal expectations of women.

One of the major issue with this is the expectation that employers have from their employee. To get to higher positions one has to “ long hours, being visibly busy, committing to continuous employment for the career life span, overcommitting to meet high Bierema 121 demands, responding to rush requests, relocating, organizing life around work, and tolerating crisis-oriented and chaotic work patterns” ( Bierema, 2016, p. 120 ).

We live a society where majority of the lower and middle position are occupied by women. This is because there is a glass ceiling preventing women from going to the next level. Ohemeng and Adusah-karikari 2014 refer to Guy and Newman, 2004 paper that says, as woman raise in position through bureaucracy, the number of position for women decline. This is sad because we live in an era where everyone preaches about equal right of every individual despite one’s gender. According to Warner and Corley (2017), american women lag behind men when it comes to occupying leadership position. In 2016 women held 51.5% of manage"

I’ve been building coils for years and some of these tanks are good enough to hang with my own. Today, I’m going to look at my 5 top sub-ohm tanks in 2018. So, let’s begin.

My 5 top sub-ohm tanks of 2018 include

Smok TFV12 Prince

Smok TFV12 Prince comes first in this top sub-ohm tanks list. Smok has been making more sub-ohm tanks and different coils for these tanks than any other company for years now. Their current flagship tank is the TFV12 Prince which brings a new locking mechanism to the top fill along with new coils. Added to the usual swivel top Smok is known for, this adds a lock requiring you to push a button before you spin the top giving you more security that the top stays closed when you are on the go.

Like most tanks today it comes with a bubble tank with 8ml of capacity and a straight glass with 5.5ml. Having a wide variety of colors and coils also makes it a good option.

Smok TFV12 Prince Pros and Cons


Love the visual design and the cobra drip tip

Also enjoyed the pyrex bulb extension.

I got an outstanding vape off all the included coils, with super flavour and clouds!


The airflow slots could be a little smaller.

Smok TFV12 Prince Video Review

Freemax Mesh Pro

Freemax came out with the Fireluke tank around a year ago and got great reviews. In the past year, they have released a few different upgrades like the Mesh and now the Mesh Pro. Having a resin construction gives the outside a very unique look but the inside is unique as well. They are the first as far as I know to make a dual and triple barrel Mesh coil for a subohm tank. These have more a net looking mesh to give less surface area so the resistance isn’t too low. These are known to create lots of flavor and vapor.

There is a red dot on the side of the top cap you push over to expose the fill port. It holds 5ml of juice or can expand to 6ml with the bubble glass. Also, the resin tank could be the perfect topper for a resin mod if you find a similar color to your mod. Regardless of what you put them on, they are nice looking tanks.

Freemax Mesh Pro Cons and Pros


Excellent flavor with the Dual and Triple Mesh coils

Coils compatible with the original Fireluke and Fireluke Pro tanks

Great juice capacity

New slide top for refilling

Wicks like a champ and handles more power than rated


Single core mesh coils not as flavorful

Freemax Mesh Pro Video Review

Horizontech Falcon Resin

Horizontech has been working on coil innovations for the past year bringing flax paper and wood pulp to coils as ways to increase coil longevity. The coils also have a line showing you when you need to refill the tank to keep the wicking material wet. These innovative ideas combined with mesh as the heating element has created one of the most well received sub-ohm tanks released in a while. The original Falcon was popular with reviewers and an updated Falcon Resisn was recently released, which also deserves a spot in this top sub-ohm tanks list.

Like the Freemax Pro, it has a beautiful look to it and comes in a large variety of colors. This tank has a screw top to get to the fill port and holds 7ml with bubble glass and 5ml with the regular glass.

Horizontech Falcon Resin Pros and Cons


Build quality

Beautiful looks

Fill port

No leaks

Color options

AFC adjustable easily on mod

Coil performance

Price point


Small wattage range (all coils are in the 60-90 watt range)

Horizontech Falcon Resin Video Review

Eleaf Ello Duro and Ello Vate

The one thing that’s been a constant with sub-ohm tanks in 2018 is Mesh. A few months ago Eleaf introduced the Ello Duro and Ello Vate, new mods that use HW-M or HW-M coil. The last letter stands for Mesh or Net and the tanks have massive airflow slots in the bottom to provide large amounts of air to those new coils. The tanks are still compatible with their previous HW1 type coils, just loads more airflow in the new tanks.

The Ello Duro and Ello Vate seem to be the same tank and color options might be the differences. They have a 6ml bubble glass, 5ml straight glass and recently just released a 6ml acrylic glass. What else sets this tank apart is the fill port. You push the top over to reveal the port but the port is interchangeable between an open hole or one with a silicon flap. With the flap, even with the top cap open, creates a seal which can prevent liquid from coming out and air from coming in which could flood the coil. The fill port seal is like an extra layer of security against leaking.

Eleaf Ello Duro Pros and Cons


Quality of realization

Tank capacity

Easy filling

The excellent rendering of flavours


Proprietary drip tip

Eleaf Ello Duro Video Review

Uwell Crown 3

Uwell has been in the game making sub-ohm tanks for a long time going back to the original Crown in 2015. The latest version in that series is the Crown 3 which has a large and loyal fan base. These coils don’t screw into the base like most others but are pressed into the bottom and are held in by o-rings. The tank holds 5ml of juice and has the screw off to refill the top.

One unique feature of this tank is that it has a key and lock nut that you install after you assemble the tank section. This gives you an extra level of security that when unscrewing a section to refill or change the coil, the tank stays together. While Uwell hasn’t released a mesh coil yet, they do have stainless steel coils and most other companies use kanthal or nichrome. The Crown 3 also comes in a bunch of colors and has a nice drip tip in matching colors.

I know this tank wasn’t released in 2018 but with it being as popular as it still is, I figured it deserved a place in my top sub-ohm tanks list. Uwell also has a Crown 3 mini that is a 22.5 mm version of the original and takes the same coils.

Uwell Crown 3 Pros and Cons


Beautiful machine

Great drip tip

Nice airflow


Top fill


Only 510 drip tip compatible

Uwell Crown 3 Video Review


So, that’s my list of top sub-ohm tanks that have been released in 2018. Mesh sure has changed the landscape of sub-ohm pre-built coils. Are any of these your favorites or did I forget a tank that you love? Let me know in the comments and I’ll be back soon with more reviews and opinions. Thanks for reading!

ment and professional related positions, while only 5.2% held CEO positions at S&P 500 companies (Catalyst 2017). It has even been estimated that it will be till 2085 for women will be equivalence with men in occupying leadership position (Warner & Corley, 2017).

This is a fact, and it is very surprising that the issue with women leadership is not all that talked about. According to International Labour Organization 47.1 % of women worldwide are employed, compare to the 72.2% of men that are employed. According to world bank, women earn 60% to &75 % of what men are earning ( Bierema, 2016, p. 121 ). It might be shocking to some, but this statistics says very little about the problem we have today concerning the inequality women face. Let's look deeper into this statistics, we have 47.1 % of women employed and working, the question is what type of jobs do these women have, and what percentage of women are actually in top positions. According to Bierema, “High numbers of well-prepared women enter the workforce yet are disproportionately represented at the top. In spite of all the great contributions women are poised to make, organizations today are not women-friendly”(121).

Some might think that one of the issue is literacy, however it’s the other way around. According to ICEF Monitor “ women have been outpacing men in global higher education across the population in OCEF (organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development)” (Bierema, 2016, p. 121 ). According to Catalys, Women are more educated than men in the united states with 57.3, 59.9% and 51.4% attaining bachelors, masters and Professional degrees respectively (Bierema, 2016, p. 121 ). However there is still a large wage inequality between men and women in a workplace. According to International labour Organization,Women earn on an average 4% to 36% less than men (Bierema, 2016, p. 121 ). Soares says, Women only represent 16% of U.S fortune 500 companies (Bierema, 2016, p. 124 ).


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