The Issues of the Biblical Worldview

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What is a worldview?

The textbook definition of worldview is an individual or society’s conception of the world or a particular philosophy of life. Breaking down the word you have the bare bones of the definition which is how people view the world as a whole. My definition of worldview goes a little bit deeper than that and leads me to believe that it is the very thread of a person’s framework and all the decisions they ever make in life. Influences that can affect a person’s worldview vary from life experiences, friends/family, economic status, religion, and even social media. “As we increasingly see the world from a biblical viewpoint, we can make wiser choices regarding right and wrong, as well as resisting temptation.”

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The Question of Origin – What is the origin of the universe etc.? How did humanity come into existence?

With a Christian or Biblical worldview God is believed to have created everything as far as the human eye can see and everything else is Ex nihilo which means created out of nothing. Humanity was created by God and portrayed to be in his image and likeness. There are many other beliefs floating around that refute this kind of worldview such as naturalism and pantheism. Naturalism relies heavy on science playing a huge part in creating the earth the belief that man is machine. All the proof they need stems from scientific studies. Whereas pantheist believe that God is the universe and vice versa. “Pantheism views god as an infinite, impersonal force.”

The Question of Identity – What does it mean to be human? Are humans more important than other living things?

Scientifically speaking, to be human means that we are classified as homo-sapiens and in my opinion, we all have free will. You have the freedom to create art, have different beliefs, and do as you please. Humans are created in God’s image, made as a special creation, but still ranked below angels. I agree with many of the Christian worldviews and believe that human life is the most valuable and precious thing on earth.

The Question of Meaning/Purpose – What is humanity’s purpose?

Humanity’s purpose from a Christian worldview is to have a personal relationship with God while glorifying and sharing HIM with others. Also, many Christians believe that their purpose is to follow the 10 commandments and possess God-like characteristics.

The Question of Morality – What is meant by right and wrong? How is morality determined?

“As many pantheists believe man is autonomous and morality is subjective and relative.” What you put out into the world will eventually return back to you. It’s up to that person what actions and decisions they make cause in the end you reap what you sow. Whereas Christians believe that the bible is the key to showing man what is deemed right or wrong by God.

The Question of Destiny – What happens when a person dies?

After figuring out the question of origin, identity, purpose, and morality we finally approach the end. Is there more to life after death? Unfortunately, we are only human, unlike God who is immortal we all will one day meet our demise on this earth. According to Biblical worldview when a person dies there are only two eternal states for them to go to, heaven or hell. These are places where people exist eternally either with God in heaven or apart from God, being punished in hell. Other religions believe in reincarnation, nirvana, or the most puzzling worldview for me is the overall belief that there is no life after death.

How should a biblical worldview influence the way you think about, treat, and speak to others on a daily basis?

A biblical worldview gives you such a positive influence and sets the standards on how you think, speak, and treat others. Growing up in a Christian household with my grandmother until the age of 5 really set in stone what was expected of me and how to live by the golden rule. My worldview is constantly changing and growing but having a solid foundation really helps me be the best version of myself that god intended me to be.

How should a biblical worldview influence the way you decide on a future career (what you will choose and/or how you will carry it out)?

A biblical worldview can influence your career path and the steps you take to get there. Having this type of worldview will keep you from deviating from your path to glory and what God has destined you to be. Any career that has you questioning your morals, values, or straying away from God is not worth pursuing.

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