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The Jazz Age as a Part of American History

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The Jazz Age had a very positive effect on American society during the 1920s. Post-WWI, many jazz musicians left the south and moved north sparking the flame of the jazz age. The Jazz Age was such an essential part of history because it helped African American authors and creators obtain control of the representation of black culture. The Jazz Age started a wildfire of opportunity and dreams.

The Harlem Renaissance

One instance of the Jazz Age was the Harlem Renaissance. The Harlem Renaissance gave blacks space to express themselves and practice their arts. The renaissance caused an eruption of culture due to many creative people working together. The Harlem Renaissance was caused by the great migration, the great migration was when many blacks left the south due to more opportunities up north and to escape racism and maltreatment in the southern states which increased the number of inspired people all over America. These creators went into fields of art, music, and literature, which are all admired today and continue to influence culture all over America.”The best of humanity’s recorded history is a creative balance between horrors endured and victories achieved, and so it was during the Harlem Renaissance.”

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Famous Jazz Musicians

People from this era are recognized for their great achievements in communities and are still talked about today. An example is Louis Armstrong who is a legendary jazz musician , composer, and singer. His career lasted decades and influenced many generations to come. Another example is Willie “The Lion” Smith. He was a very talented pianist that went on to do great things. He was one of the masters of stride style jazz on the piano, and was one of the three great practitioners of this genre. Both of these musicians have stood the test of time and are still inspire musicians to this day.


In conclusion, the Jazz Age was a very important part of History because it helped black creators obtain control over-representation of their culture. After WWI more jobs flooded the streets. The Harlem Renaissance was in full swing jumpstarting the Jazz Age. Jazz at this time was opportunity and freedom. Musicians from the golden age of jazz are still remembered and praised for their craft. The Jazz Age will forever stand out as a time for black culture to express themselves and show the world who they were. I couldn’t think of a better way to end this so I’m going to borrow it from someone else “you’ve heard about jazz music, they say it comes from different cities and different states. I say jazz comes from anywhere the Human being has a soul and has a heart.” – Willie “the Lion” Smith


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