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The Journey To A Lifetime Of Adventures

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Spread your wings wild open, and just take a flight to anywhere; anywhere that feels nothing like homeland; a place forbidden that is a brand new adventure where you can lose yourself and be consumed in wanderlust.

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Oh, believe you me! For this is exactly what you should be doing. You were meant to travel places that you have only heard about in anecdotes; places with richness and diversity, wildlife and adventure, beauty and excellence. Places which turn you into a storyteller and make you humble.

And none of these descriptions fit as well as it fits this picturesque and jaw-dropping town of Queenstown in New Zealand does. Yes, that is right! The adventure capital of New Zealand is where you should be booking your next tickets to.

You ask us why? Well, there are reasons why it has earned its title of the ‘most adventurous town of NZ’. Want to know why? Join us as we have your bags packing to this town.


  1. K JET- It is the world’s very first commercial jet boat ride which is sure to enthral you all to the core. This one hour ride is all you need to drive away all the blues. The jet boat ride offers a spectacular and an unforgettable experience as you are sure to be screaming all the way down the mighty Shotover and the Kawarau rivers. Located in a beautiful setting, this ride is sure to give you just the kick.
  2. Queenstown Skiing- The town nestles in the heart of the Southern Alps and boasts about its reputation for igniting the ‘skier’ inside of us all. So, even if you are not a giant skiing fan this place is sure to turn you into one. And as soon as you are done and home, the place will leave you craving for home. So, the winter is on its way- are you?
  3. Nevis Bungy and Swing- Want to know what’s fear like? Want to feel what fear feels like? Want to taste life? Well, well! Say no more! For this place is your haven. Visit the devil’s playground, feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins and your head exploding.
  4. Paragliding- Remember how Alice kept saying that rabbits can talk and cats can disappear and how there is a place called Wonderland? Well, I’m sure after catching magnificent and stunning aerial views of Queenstown, we might just change
  5. Hydro Attack- Imagine this: You’re on the Lake Wakatipu, enjoying and minding your own business in a submarine type shark shaped boat that suddenly -at 80kph- throws you up and down like confetti in the air! And makes you scream and shout and laugh like it’s no big deal! Well, if you want changes to happen too quick like a bolt of lightning, you’re sure to love this.


Now, that you’ve made up your mind to do all things tourist-y, what if the weather becomes a snotty scoundrel and messes the whole thing? That is why we’re here to give you a weather report on the beautiful town of Queenstown and tell how different are the sun, the stars and the clouds when viewed from there.

Queenstown is a pretty much a cool town. It has snow-capped mountains and clear and sunny days in summer where the temperatures go as high as only a 26°C.

The wettest and the driest months are that of March and July, respectively.

The average summer temperature is of about 17°C, while the average winter temperature is of 6°C.

That being said, the best time to hit Queenstown is in summer. Visit anytime between December and February and you’re up for a treat.


Now, there are places with exemplary accommodation and amazing climatic condition, but with poor food quality and once you discover that your mood drops down and you’re not as happy as you were before. But, that is absolutely not the case when it comes to Queenstown, NZ.

So, presenting before you some of the most prime restaurants with the finest dining services.

  1. Queensland Bistro- Well, this restaurant has a French-like resemblance due to its delectable New Zealand inspired cuisine which is a bit of tradition, a bit of unique but all of which is appetizing. Due to its elegance and panache, this is one of those restaurants where you can already hear the violins playing.
  2. Fergburger- It is one of those up-town and must try restaurants with which you just can’t go wrong. It also provides outdoor dining facilities with the succulent cuisine, I mean what’s not to like?
  3. Queenstown Public House- It is a whimsical NZ styled pub serving some of the most fun alcoholic and beverages. With its atmosphere and mid-range food, you’ll find yourself back in no time.
  4. Perky’s Floating Bar- Now, this just went a whole other world. I mean, it’s situated near the Lake Wakatipu, so after having a tired Hydro Attack adventure, you’ll definitely need some booze to take off the heat. So, where do you go? Of course, it’s Perky’s Floating Bar where you drink and float and enjoy the view! So, drink, float, and repeat!
  5. Stratosfare Restaurant, Skyline- So, let’s seal the deal with an exceptionally well-designed restaurant with great food, shall we? So, who said that you would have to travel to Dubai for the sky hanging and dining experience when Queenstown already offers you one? Taking inspiration from some thrilling Queenstown stuff, this restaurant gives all that you want- breathtaking views? Dangling halfway in the sky? Delicious and fine cuisine? Booze and beverage? You name it and this baby has got it, all!

Now, since we have provided you with all the necessary information you need to have to go to Queenstown, NZ…what are you waiting for?

Why aren’t you on an aeroplane, already?

Don’t you hear your adventure calling out to you? Go and Pack!!

Signing off for now, but wishing you a lifetime of adventures! May you never run out of stories!


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