The Jungle is Neutral: the Story of Survival in Japanese Occupation

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Perhaps he has read one of the best non-fictions for a while. Chapman's story is very simple and easy to understand. It's a matter of communication rather than affecting your intentions, and it's a huge relief. I could not use more complex words than books that are missing from English. But, when I use it most, I'll do it soon. It's more effective.

In 1949, Freddie Spencer Chapman wrote a book on jungle fighters after spending many years in the Malaya forest. In 1941, an old Sedberghian in Singapore went to school to run a secret mission by staying behind the parties in the Forest of South-East Asia. His story was one of the survival's usual human capabilities and survival.

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Anyway, on review. The story of Chapman is fully concentrating throughout the entire three years that he had during Japanese occupation of Malaya. During this time, he has been trained with Chinese guerrillas, occupied and protected from Japanese, samples of plants and flowers were gathered, wrote the training manual and newsletter and most of all, give us a very real account of the jungle being a home. Therefore, Colonel Chapman's experience was that the forest was extremely neutral. It was observed that the average life of the British fighters that needed to survive during the World War 2 was just a few months. Perhaps one person was more intelligent, more than a year. They had a very high enemy, full of man eating tigers, inhabitants with deadly arm, toxic snakes, poison darts and many other aspects. They were unable to adopt themselves in this new way of life. However, Chapman proved that there was another school of thought. Colonel Chapman’s perspective of the Jungle was that this environment was being combined with wild animals, fish and fruits, it has also covered fresh water, enemies, and many other resources also survive. And also provided shelter.

So, they accept that due to the situation, it appreciates much emotion during their wildlife. For obvious reasons, he had to find positive, hopeful and practical reasons to continue his daily quests, and this attitude appears in his story. The most important parts of the book do not come after their war, these come from moments when deep thoughts lie. For example, he enjoys the simple work of finding the orchids, and the crime and embarrassment they have become the British community who got mixed and failed to save Singapore. Its Chinese guerrilla’s friends do not have to remember the fact, but it does mean that he tries his best not to make war on Japanese allied Malay soldiers when they fire on him.

One of the most memorable parts for me was enormous, with Japanese and his English speaking officer, following Japanese and many, after reviewing his arrest by a serious and connected conversation. Chapman’s tone hints that the conversation was probably the most engaging he had a chance to pass through it for a while, perhaps because he never got bored. Between a reliable lie about exchanging genuine pleasantries about his Japanese friends from Cambridge and changing true happening events, I think Chapman set real relationship with his killer. Later when Chapman says, “I hope my Japanese friend was not beheaded for letting me escape.” I'm not sure how he was being audited, or if he was going on by default.

Personally it was a revelation to read Chapman's account. As a Malaysian, it was revealed to read about places that Chapman travelled, the places have been developed, urbanized and today is completely different. His story gives me a sense of heritage that slowly disappears, but also drives home how long we have been in a short time. More and more, it comes as a reminder that what people say about existing race relations in Malaysia, we have really developed together with the help of living together and recovering from war. It's a bit of hope. Otherwise I hope we can not lose our cultural, heritage and history, whatever is going on after when I read about the time of Chapman with Sakai and his guests.

The jungle is neutral. What does this mean? It is the statement that you have to cope with your environment and situations, it is about the approach, you will have the ability to win or survive and make the maximum resources possible for the resources. In many ways, this approach can find you in almost any environment. Your view or concept about your current situation, whether it is very important in work, home or forest. To succeed, survive, or just be happy, finally comes to make your decision-makers.

I recommend everybody to read this book. I actually found in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur at Times Bookstores and bought my own copy. The Chapman also tries to teach us about cooperation, understanding and survival are still relevant in our relatively peaceful and modern life. Colonel Spencer Chapman recognizes that if humans face the hazards and risks of the forest and its resources, they may be able to take advantage of it and the specialty of its lives and the ability to survive. Will not be objectionable. From the jungle, Colonel Chapman proved that by bold and endurance, body and mind will always get physical and mental strength. And now with my own experience, I appreciate that with the right spirit, combined with the ability of enterprise and mentality, it may be difficult to succeed in a difficult environment and provide a guide for success. Sometimes our environment and situations that we find ourselves, are not the best or most welcome. However, if we look at their positive approaches, we focus on what we want to achieve and 'silver lining' we can achieve or use, then we can always get the most of this experience. Many people are selfish in the same situation in life, but often with different outcomes and results. Advance, outstanding, improve and successful. Your destiny is in your hands, your vision and the activity you prescribe is the key of life.

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