The Justice League: Analyzing the Character

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Do you know how many founding members there are in the Justice League? Do you even know The Justice League is? Well by the end of this presentation you all should know the answers to these questions. Let’s go on a journey into the mighty team, The Justice League.

Before we get into the actual heroes that make up with the justice league. Where do they stay when they aren’t not fighting crime? Well that place is the Watch Tower, the tower orbits around the earth and is equipped with a weapon of mass destruction that has only been used a few times. It also has a bridge system that can teleport the team where ever they are needed and back up to the watch tower. This is extremely helpful so that if a team member is hurt and needs care they can be beamed up into the ship without a medic team getting in the way. Vise Versa in the fact that if a team member is needed on the ground in that moment they can be there, essentially cutting out the time it would take to fly there. Now you know where there headquarters are and what happens up, so now we can get to the members that make up the team.

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The Justice League has originally seven members but that number has grown substantially. First and for most let’s start with the man that maintains the Watch Tower. J’onn J’onzz or know as Martian Manhunter, he was brought to earth from mars by a Saul Erdel a complete accident on Saul’s end. Ever since he has safe guarded the people of earth and has been the leader of the Justice League. His powers include: Super Strength, Flight, Shape Shifting, Telepathy, and Energy Attacks, and one of his main weaknesses is fire. Another Superhero that can relate to Martian Manhunter Is Kal-El or Superman. He was launched to earth from his home planet Krypton since that world was coming to an end. He arrived at earth in the middle of nowhere, this nowhere was Smallville Kansas. This is when he took up an new identity, Clark Kent and once he started to grow he realized how he had powers and how he needed to protector the people he loved with these powers, Later on becoming Superman. Superman’s powers include just about everything: Super Speed, Super Strength, Flight, X-Ray Vision, Heat Vision, Super Hearing, Super Breath, and Genius. His weakness are Kryptonite and if you take him away from the sun’s rays his powers are much less effective. This is because his powers are fueled by the yellow suns heat rays, basically acting as a solar battery.

Now on to the remaining five superheroes in this majestic team. We all know him as billionaire party boy Bruce Wayne but to the justice league he is the Batman. He safe guards Gotham City which could relate to our New City. Batman has a large arsenal of tools he uses in the field of battle, since he has no real extra ordinary power, same with his weaknesses his weakness is the same as any other mortal. He does have the mastery of Detective skills, Criminal Psychology, and Martial Arts under his belt. If the league ever needs someone investigated, batman is always the guy to get it done. Another hero that safe guards a city is The Flash or Barry Allen. The Flashes weakness is really if he gets caught off guard he can be killed, and his only power is his speed he got this power completely on accident, he was struck by lightning. But he still has his place among the other heroes he still protects a city of his own, Central City.

One of the most underrated superheroes of the Justice League is Arthur Curry or better known as Aquaman. I say that he is under rated because most people think “Oh well he can talk to fish this is stupid!” Well actually he can do much more than that, he is the king of the seven seas so basically kind of 70% of the earth. Along with the supreme ruler of the lost city of Atlantis. His powers include: Super Strong, Telepathy, Bullet Proof, and commander of the oceans and seas. Princess Diana or Wonder Woman is another ruler that is in the league. She is from Paradise Island and race is a descendant of the Amazon Warriors. She is a true blood warrior and uses her powers that were gifted to her by the Olympian gods which are: Super Strength, Bracelets of Victory, Lasso of truth, Golden Girdle of Gaea. Her only real weakness is her arms being tied around her back.

Now for my personal favorite superhero The Green Lantern or Hal Jordon. Hal Jordon got his ring from a dying lantern known as Abin Sur. The ring was instructed to find a person with great willpower which is what the ring operates off of. If you think about it as long as the holder of the ring has strong willpower the ring has no real limit to its strength. The Green Lantern has really only two weakness. One being is his ring runs out of power and he doesn’t have a lantern near by the charge it. And number two the rival of the green lantern which is fear and that is the color yellow.

Hopefully now you understand who the justice league is, and who the founding seven are. There are way more than seven now, but at least you now have a grasp of how they got their powers. And most importantly who they are and what they have to offer one of the best teams in the galaxy.

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