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The Karma and Its 12 laws 

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‘Is there a maxim that should be the basis for all actions in the course of life? Surely it is the maxim of compassion: Do not do to others what you do not want to do to yourself. ‘ Confucius

Karma is the judge of our actions, it is the unseen energy that derives from our behavior that brings with it corresponding consequences and retribution. The karma in Buddhism or Hinduism simply tells us that the effort we made in something ten minutes ago or ten lives ago comes back to us.

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It is closely linked to the future rebirths and transforms into the energy we will use to purify our soul until we reach perfection. While karma symbolizes responsibility and retribution for our actions, rebirth offers us the opportunity to move forward.

Accordingly, we have the freedom to behave as we wish; and from the first birth onwards we collect this energy. The creation of good and bad karma, of intentional and unintentional dictates to us what we confront in our lives, and what we need to solve in problems. Our ultimate goal is to learn through experience, to become better and to accumulate wisdom. Thus, the law of karma leaves no room for chance and contains 12 laws that tell us how we will stand up for our actions, thoughts and feelings.

  1. The Great Law or Law of Cause and Effect: We grew up with this law without knowing it. It simply tells us that we will reap what we sow. What we give to the universe is what comes back to us. The negative energy that you pass on to others will come back to you, but ten times as strong. Who sows the wind will reap storm. Karma is the judge of our actions, helping us to reflect on our suffering.
  2. Law of Creation: Life requires our participation. We are one with the universe, we are part of the flow of natural life, and our lives are planted like all others in the cycle of nature. That which surrounds us gives us thoughts about our inner state. Create the possibilities you want in your life.
  3. Law of Modesty: What you do not want to accept will continue to persecute you. If you look at someone or something just as an enemy or something negative, you’re not on a higher level of existence. Fulfilling this law means accepting without superiority.
  4. Law of Growth: Wherever you want to go, always you will be. In order for us to grow in our mind, we need to change, not the people, places and things around us. We only have control over ourselves in our lives. As we try to change our inner life, we will also change our lives, and this must be done with caution to make it an advantage for karma. Never forget the love for yourself.
  5. Law of Responsibility: Whenever something bad happens to you, there is something bad in you. That which surrounds us reflects us, and we reflect again what surrounds us. It is extremely important to take responsibility for what is present in your life.
  6. Law of Connection: Even if something that we do seems unimportant to us, it is important to know what it is doing in connection with the entire universe. Each step leads to the next step and so on. Someone will start work so that somebody receives something. Neither the first nor the last step is more or less important because both are necessary to get the job done. We are all connected in the past, the present and the future.
  7. Law of Attitude: You can not think of two things at the same time. You have to take level by level. When we lose the north in our compass, we arouse uncertainty and anger.
  8. Law of Giving and Hospitality: If you believe that something is true, in any moment of your life, you will feel called to prove that it is the truth. Give and give to put what you have learned into practice.
  9. Law of the here and now: To see behind and anchored in the past prevents us from enjoying the present and being completely in the here and now. Old thoughts, habits, and dreams prevent us from renewing our soul.
  10. Law of Change: The story repeats itself until we learn the necessary lessons to change our path.
  11. Law of Patience and Reward: All rewards require an initial effort. The biggest reward is the one that demands the most sacrifice, patience and perseverance. Loving our place in the world will reward our effort at the right time, just as we learn the importance of those values.
  12. Law of Meaning and Inspiration: The value of something is the direct result of the energy and the intention put into it. Each personal contribution is also a contribution to the whole. Mediocre contributions do not affect the totality, they are so common that they annihilate themselves. Act with all your heart in every act to give it the necessary value.

Whether you believe in the philosophy of karma or not, it is certain that sometimes the only sure thing is that spring or winter is coming, but in fact there is another truth: ‘It is no surprise, twice to be born as once; for in the universe is all resurrection. ‘


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