The Key Differences Between Apple's and Microsoft's Software

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Technology is the application of scientific knowledge in day to day life to make every individual’s life simpler. It involves methodical ways of doing things (Lane, 2016). The biggest step taken by technology is the invention of computer and computer like devices. A computer system is the combination of software and hardware that makes a computer functional (Beal, 2018). The two computer systems commonly used are Apple and Microsoft. The operating systems in these are Mac and Windows, Mac is made by Apple while Windows is made by Microsoft. Apple computer systems and Microsoft computer systems not only consist of computers but also computer like devices. Both computer systems have their own prose and cones. Apple and Microsoft systems have differences in terms of design and security checkers while they have similarities in terms of peripheral devices and file types used.

Firstly, the Apple and Microsoft computer systems differ greatly when it comes to their design and making. Apple computers which are also known as Macs are computer systems which are completely built by a single manufacturer. On the other hand, Windows computer systems are manufactured by more than one manufacturer. In fact, these systems are built using hardware manufactured by more than a dozen manufacturers (Wright, 2017). The built and hardware of a computer system is the make or break factor of a device. It is usually considered that since Apple devices have single manufacturers their working is smooth but the Windows devices which have more than one manufacturer could work as good or even better than a Mac device if built with the right hardware. This factor not decreases the chances of the Apple hardware going wrong but also increases the chances of a Windows system to be versatile. The Apple hardware parts are meant to work with one another which makes it effortless to use which makes Apple systems a choice of graphic designers and creative workers. However, this means Mac devices are difficult to repair. Windows computer parts are versatile which makes the system more functional for the heavy users like coder and gamers.

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Secondly, the security of a Mac computer is usually praised. Even though the Mac security is highly praised, it needs to be understood that Mac systems can also get a virus. In terms of security it is not the operating system that is at fault. The popularity of Windows computer makes the virus developers target only the Windows operating systems. The virus developers or hackers tend to develop a code which targets a large sector and by default due to popularity it is the Windows system. Conversely, the Mac computers are safely neglected by the virus developers. This means an Apple system is less probable to get a virus but the possibilities are still the same. Also, due to popularity the Microsoft computers are provided with more number and types of anti-viruses which protect the system. However, both the computer systems have same security level and with each update both systems step up their security.

In contrast to these differences in Apple and Microsoft one thing that still remains the same is that almost all and any device can be connected to either of the computer systems. Apple and Microsoft are built in such a way that they can adapt and connect to any peripheral device. In addition, both the systems have an app store which helps to connect one’s mobile phones to the computer. Peripheral device like printers, scanners and cameras can be easily connected to the computer systems. For example, the calendar application on a Windows mobile phone can be synced on a Windows computer and the iCal application on iPhones can be synced on an Apple computer (Kang, 2015).

Even though the Apple and Microsoft computer systems may have a completely different interface but both the systems support same types of files. Documents and data saved or stored in a computer can be of several types. For example the files can be in pdf, jpeg or txt forms, and both the platforms support the same type of file formats. Both the platforms can run the Microsoft office very comfortably. Microsoft office has different version of office for a Mac computer and a Microsoft computer. Similarly, all the major software and applications are coded by keeping both the systems in mind.

On the whole, Apple systems and Microsoft systems vary in terms of their built but have their own functionality and usage well defined. The built and hardware of the two systems forms their characteristics. Their audiences or customers differ on the basis of their built. In addition to the built they also differ in terms of security. The popularity of Windows makes it more prone to viruses while the Macs are easily ignored. However, the Windows also have more number of anti-viruses for protection. Next, the Apple and Microsoft systems can be said to identical in the functionality of peripheral devices or applications. Both the systems support same types of external peripheral devices. Finally, the documents and data is stored in similar manner. This means Apple and Microsoft systems have their own usability. Selection of one depends upon particular individual’s needs, choices and preferences. Hence, the selection from the two is completely subjective.

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