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The Key Skills and Behaviors for an Engineer

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First, I feel that my experience in this article will be different, and I will learn a lot of things and all these thanks to the University and the coordinator of Material. There are a lot of beautiful and useful ideas in this article such as working collectively and solving problems and communication skills and I hope I get it to apply it in my future life.

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I will speak at the beginning about the objectives of this article and it is five.

First: self-regulation, this skill is a basic requirement in the university to succeed and excel you must organize yourself and your times.

Second: communication, unfortunately, many students cannot communicate well and there are problems you may encounter in your life outside the university because you are unable to communicate well.

Third: working cooperatively, the truth is that this skill is not filled by most students because of what they are used to being in high school and before but by working in groups and mixing together, we can get this skill easily.

Fourth: Problem-solving, one of the tasks required of the engineer is to solve the problems and devise creative and effective solutions and I expect from this article to put us in experiments that require thinking outside the box to solve the problem that faces us in real life.

Fifth: Quality, lately everyone has been doing unprofessional and incomplete work, not those who steal reports from the Internet or anywhere else, in this article I expect that this cannot happen because of the review and follow-up of reports and assignments delivered by students.

There is a lot of talk about ethical behavior in the articles, I was surprised at first but after I continued reading I discovered that it is a very important factor and we must work intensively to improve the ethics of the engineer. The engineer cannot graduate with bad behaviors or bad habits, otherwise, he will not be able to find the company that accepts him. Every manager wants the best staff in his company, and he can’t hire an engineer with bad manners, because that would make a lot of customers get away from his company and it will cost him a lot. So, we have to develop ourselves in this course in order to reach the term (ideal engineer).

I’ve been very benefited from writing this journal and I’m ready to take this quiz on these sections and I’m sure that I can get the full marks. And I also understand the material and its specific laws. I will work to achieve all the course goals to develop myself and my skills and use these skills in my life and in thefuture job.


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