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Vapaura is happy to celebrate the art of vaping by providing excellent products to the rest of our vaping community. We aim to stock our inventory with a wide variety of dry herb vaporizers, oil vaporizers, wax vaporizers, and more to fit the needs of all of our friends out there who appreciate the herbal experience. From glassware to rolling papers, chargers to storage options, accessories and cleaning supplies, we are here to have you covered for all of your herbal needs. Given how expansive nature of our catalog, we have selected a few awesome options for your vaping perusal and pleasure. Check out these two awesome new vapes that we love, and we’re sure you will, too!

The Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer

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Pulsar is a brand that we have been proud to provide, because they design only the best vapes with the latest technology and materials out there. We have been thrilled with the performance of these mods. The latest killer new vape to come from Pulsar is the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer. This top-notch vape takes the enjoyment of wax concentrates to a whole new level. The name of the game for this vape is customization. This gives you increased control over your vaping experience, thanks to the four different voltage settings! If flavor is important to you (and let’s be real, of course it is), this is an excellent option. The Pulsar APX Volt delivers a smooth, enhanced flavor of your product, thanks to the low temperature capability. The low temperature capability, combined with the impressive quartz coil-less cup atomizer, simultaneously allows for increased conservation of your wax, so it’s a win-win situation. The coil-less chamber makes for easy cleaning, with the added bonus of removing the burden of cleaning or replacing new coils. All in all, this elite vape guarantees a flavorful hit, low-maintenance usage, and greater control. Taking only five seconds to heat up, this baby will have you happily vaping and on your way in no time!

Stok Edition One Vaporizer

Great things come in small packages – just check out the Stok Edition One Vaporizer, and you’ll know that to be true. This discreet, pen style vape packs some serious power into its sleek form. It delivers massive, intense rips, thanks to its powerful and intense heating system built of ceramic heating rods and titanium coils. These high-end materials come together to build one of the most powerful portable vapes of this size currently available. In addition to providing temperature control capability, the Stok Edition One is also equipped with a temperature memory feature – it remembers the heat setting of your previous session and will maintain that setting, unless you wish to change it! No need to reset your preferences! It’s convenient, easy to take for on-the-go excursions, and it definitely does not disappoint with its intense, robust hits. This is a seriously legit vape, all in a sleek, neat package.

These are just two of our latest favorites to hit the market. One of our priorities at Vapaura is to stay on top of the latest new releases and most updated vapes as they hit the market, and we are committed to continuing to provide our customers with the best, most recent products available. Always check back to our website and our blog to get our thoughts on the newest and coolest mods available.


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