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The Legend About Proserpina

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Many ages ago before doom was awaiting, there was a young gorgeous lady with the name Proserpina. Proserpina was living in loneliness and isolation not only from herself but also from everyone around her. She could not leave the nymphs sea nor her mother. As Proserpina seems to be so innocent little did anyone know her future awaited with lots of suffering. Day by day as things fell apart she would lay by her mother’s side asking “Why?”, “Why would these things happen to me, why can’t I be a normal girl and age and be able to play around like everyone else?”

Loving, kind, playful, gentle and non-aging Proserpina. These traits are all natural to her and even though she’s different, her mother loves her even more for her differences. Due to her differences she lacked friends, however, she would still somehow get into some trouble. When this happened she would be able to get through it and not become anxious. But, one day this problem got to her, she became anxious, and so mad she had steam coming from her ears. So mad her powers came over her with a vengeance and she was throwing things around that were twice the size of her. She was never like this so what made her mad you say? As Proserpina shouts, “I will not tolerate the rude names that people call me.”

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Proserpina runs far away from her mother and the sea and comes to find a mini village on the other side of the island. They trap her and end up keeping her in jail until she talks to the people to see what they want. The people want gold, food, etc. One quiet night Proserpina was thinking of her escape to go back to her mother. As she waits until the guard falls asleep she had made a long rope with her hair to get the keys. She finally gets them and starts to leave the mini village, but as she’s running away she comes to a halt by some people asking her questions and she uses her powers to change her appearance. She seems to be making friends with all the people but still wants to go home. A little after midnight she steals a horse and goes home.

Proserpina comes home to her people cleaning her mess up and she apologizes. She helps clean up the mess with her powers she has learned. Her dear mother forgave her and spent her time teaching her daughter how to control her magic at difficult times. Then her village and her family lived happily ever after.


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