The Lessons I Learned from The Big Short Movie

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The Lessons I Learned From The Big Short Movie

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Table of Contents

  • Take the Risk
  • Believe In Yourself Even If No One Else Does
  • Always Be Open For Possibilities
  • Not Anything In This World Can Be Solved By Money
  • Don't Be Selfish

After watching this movie, I can say that I have several life lesson that I learned that would be helpful for me in the future. Those lesson are the following:

Take the Risk

In the movie, the characters took the risk in betting against the housing market because never in the history such problem with the mortgage bond happened. In life, in order for us to succeed, we must take some risk. We will never know how things would turn out if we will always stay in our comfort zone. There’s a slight chance of succeeding if will just stick to the same thing and not try other things. We should take some time trying things that we think will help us. It’s okay to fail than to regret in the end that we didn’t do or at least try new things or opportunities that comes to our way.

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Believe In Yourself Even If No One Else Does

Dr. Burry didn’t get any support from his partners but he still stood by his decision. Sometimes, even if no one else believed in our capabilities, we still have to continue to pursue what we want and prove them wrong. For me, it is more motivating if a lot of people are trying to bring me down. I use negativity from the people around me as a motivation in a way that I am more eager to prove myself to them than I can do things they think that I can’t. For me, success tastes better if no one else believe that you can but you eventually did.

Always Be Open For Possibilities

In the movie, they didn’t believe in the possibility that there is a chance that the house market and mortgage bonds will collapse because it never happened in the history of USA. Sometimes, we need to be open for all possibilities – be it negavite or positive possibilities. Being open to this kind of things will benefits us in many ways. We need to be always ready for a certain situation even if such thing never happened in the history.

Not Anything In This World Can Be Solved By Money

In the movie, there was a side story for Mr. Baum’s character wherein his brother was having bad thoughts and asked for his helped but instead of being there to comfort his brother, what Mr. Baum did was offer money to him. In life, there are some things that cannot be resolve by money. The problem with some rich people is that they think that all things here in the world can be save by their resources. In life, you can never buy happiness, contentment, and a friend or a certain person that will always be there for you no matter what happens – all these things are priceless and these are not available to the market.

Don’t Be Selfish

Stop thinking about yourself only and start caring for other people – In the movie, it was shown that some capitalist were warned about the said collapsed because some of the main characters think that them, business owner, would not be greatly affected by the said collapse, because the poor people will be the ones that would pay for it. But the capitalist didn’t care, the banks, the government didn’t care. As long as they are fine and they still have money they wouldn’t care what will happen to other people. This shouldn’t be our mindset as a business owner. If we have a business, we should maintain its profitability not just for our own sake but also for the sake of our employees and their families. Not all of things here in the world only revolve around us. This world would be so much better if we would start caring to each other.

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