The Liar's Truth: Should We Always Tell the Truth

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Dishonesty has become common and it’s destroying us and our relationship. People should avoid telling even “little white lies” because it will become a habit that is hard to break. Even telling the littlest lie can get you in the most trouble in the future, yes at the time you get away with it but what makes you think if that lie comes out would anyone believe you when you finally try telling the truth.

Everyone should just stop lying. Tell the truth, whether it's bad or not. Keeping an honest relationship is better thanks to having a dishonest one. Study shows the average person lies once or twice a day. Everyone starts lying at the age of two.

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Also, a big misconception about liars is they all have shifty eyes. When we lie, it stimulates three main sections of our brains. “Lying activates the frontal lobe for its role in the truth-suppressing process. The limbic system due to the stress that comes with betrayal and the lobe because it’s responsible for recovering memories and creating a mental representation.” “People that have a good relationship have physical and mental health.” (relationship in the 21st century) ”Lying affects health, but lying is thought to trigger the release of stress hormones, it also increases emotion and stress.” ( Haupt )

Some parents withhold honesty in an attempt to protect their kids, they are actually decreasing the trust level in the home. They are giving the green light for them to start lying. When parents lie to their kids, I have to wonder whether their lying to protect themselves or their kids. Making the humans around them feeling like they’re unimportant or irrelevant, and no one wants to feel this way.

“According to the Hebrew Bible, the ninth of God’s Ten Commandments instructs that no person shall bear false witness against their neighbor.” In other words, you shouldn’t lie. Sure, you don’t need to have faith in a higher power to understand that telling untruths is both foolish and immoral. You may even find you need to tell a second lie to avoid being found out for the first one.

Growing up me and my sisters would fight all the time. We use to try everything to get each other in trouble. My mom would just punish all of us because she would never know who was lying and who was telling the truth. We would be grounded until someone came clean or until my mother knew that we were just doing it to get each other mad. Everyone has a story about lying growing up. Some might be worst than others. Growing up we always lied too especially when it came to Santa and the tooth fairy. When your sleeping and some magical guy comes through your chimney and leaving us presents under our Christmas tree. When it came to the tooth fairy he left you money under your pillowcase exchanged for teeth. To me, it every scary to think about a stranger coming in at night while you’re asleep. 

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