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The Life and Activism of Susan B. Anthony

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Susan B. Anthony is a historical figure in everyones life and wasn’t afraid to conquer the unthinkable. Things most people throw to the side or is fine with and this is women’s rights, she believed in women’s rights and there was nothing that was going to stop her or get in her way. She was known as a women’s activist. Being a women’s activist takes a lot more than telling people that women deserve just as many rights as men in fact she did a lot more than just protest and give speeches. Susan B. Anthony was a very strong lady who believed in Women’s rights and she was bound to get what she deserved. Although many people criticized her for this she never let that get in her way. She closed her ears to anyone and everyone that thought what she was doing was wrong and only listened to any one that wanted to help and herself.

Early Life

She was born February 15, 1820 and she was raised in a quaker family in Adams, Massachusetts. A quaker family is where a woman is considered equal with any man under god. She is the second out of seven children in her household. Her parents Daniel and Lucy Anthony were very religious and taught their children to respect god and everyone else male, female, black, or white. Her father owned a cotton mill where they lived.Susan attended a boarding school in Philadelphia Pennsylvania in 1837 and enjoyed it very well but years later she left and became a teacher. All the schooling drove Suan’s family into serious debt so her dad had to sell his business and move his family to a farm near Rochester, New York.

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“Men, their rights and nothing more women, their rights and nothing less.” This quote is one one Susan’s most famous quotes. This quote shows more than equalism it shows that what she set out to do was not going to be a fail, it was going to be either a lesson well learned for her or a piece of history for everyone. Her life was definitely a well lived one. A Civil Rights Activist (CRA) is what she was and not ashamed but proud of what she did and was about to do. Although there were plenty of obstacles thrown at her she always defeated them and came but bigger and better than ever before.

Though she is most known for fighting for women’s rights she also believed that slavery needed to end and she was going to stop at nothing to end it. Even if she was not the main reason slavery was ended she definitely had a big part in it. Susan was not a slave herself but that never stopped her from helping who was.

Many people criticized her for doing what she believed in or “following her dreams” as many said but she stayed strong and went on with it. She was arrested on November 1, 1872 for voting which was illegal at the time. She had the chance and the money to get out but she refused to pay the fine because she knew what she did was not wrong in any way possible.

Susan B. Anthony gave 75 to 100 speeches each year to support the Women’s Suffrage organization. She also wrote a newspaper with a strong woman with a name of Elizabeth Cady Stanton that was called “The Revolution” in 1868. She ran the newspaper for 29 months then went into debt which caused her to give it to a wealthy woman that was also a women’s rights activist. The new owner published it for less than two years, but it did help to express important views.


Susan B. Anthony died March 13th, 1906 at 12:40 o’clock a.m. in her home in Rochester, New York. She died from Pneumonia at the age of 86. She was pretty unconscious for 24 hours straight. The last speech she spoke, the words that encouraged both young and old, boy and girl “failure is impossible”. She died a very strong woman with a heart pure as gold and a mind full of knowledge. March 13, 1906 was a tragic and historical event that left a tremendous effect on how the world looks at everyone. Not only did she show the world that if you put your mind to something you can do it but also that failure is not accepted by anyone. Anything that came in her way she faced and got threw it. She was not about to let one person or even the whole world stop her from doing what she knew was right.


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