The Life and Career of the King of Pop

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Jacko belonged to an African-American family. He had eight siblings. Jacko himself was the second youngest. They say that the youngest child is usually the favourite or the most pampered one. This was not the case with Jacko. He was not pampered at all. In fact, his father would sometimes whip Jacko. It was necessary to discipline him, he said. His father would always be standing with a belt in his hand nearby. Jacko knew he better behave or the belt was waiting for him. Sometimes his father would also say bad things to him such as “fat nose”. Jacko did not like that.

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Jacko’s family was a very musical family. His mother would always play folks and religious songs. The father had a dream of becoming a successful musician one day. He didn’t make it. Jacko’s dad therefore decided that he would make his children succeed in life because he couldn’t. He only knew one way to make sure of that. By using the belt. One day, his father decided to make a family band including some of Jacko’s brothers. Jacko would sometimes sing in this band. They would go to different shows and contests and play. It was clear that Jacko was really good at it. They won a lot of talent shows because they were so good.

Jacko was very talented and soon he started to sing solo. In addition to the band he started his solo career. He became very famous and soon became a teen idol. Everywhere he went people would recognise him. Especially when he went to school. All the students would gather around him. It made it hard for him to study. So, they got private tutors to teach him at home. But little Jacko was too busy to study. He was either rehearsing for concerts or performing on stage. So the private tutor would teach him in the breaks. Jacko was still a kid at this time, and like every other kid Jacko just wanted to play and have fun. Sometimes, he would sit in the record studio and look outside from the window. He would watch other kids play at the other side where there was a park. During these times, Jacko would feel sad and lonely. He would cry because he would have to work a lot.

Sometimes the work would be too much. Then, Jacko would go to his father and tell him that he didn’t want to do it anymore. His father would just show him the belt again. Jacko never showed his loneliness or sadness when he was singing. On stage, he was a completely different person. He was a little boy with a big smile on his face. Just how a kid is supposed to be. But the reality was different behind the stage. Since Jacko wouldn’t go to school he also didn’t have many friends. His brothers were his best friends. They would sometimes have pillow fight. But Jacko still felt lonely.

As Jacko grew older, he became more and more famous. But Jacko became a childish adult. He always missed his childhood so whenever he could he would surround himself with children and be childish with them. People didn’t understand it but it was his way of making up for his lost childhood. Despite all the fame, Jacko did not like himself. He would especially try to change his appearance a lot. He remembered his father had called him “fat nose” so he changed his nose so it became thinner. This was not the only thing he wanted to change about his face. In fact, he continued changing until he looked like a completely different person. Even his skin tone became lighter.

Jacko is famous as “The King of Pop”. He received numerous awards throughout his life. 31 Guiness World Records, 13 Grammy Awards, 26 American Music Awards and 18 World Music Awards. The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, passed away in 2009. The whole world mourned his loss.

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