The Life of Helen Keller Who Spoke Up for the Disability

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Helen Keller was a brilliant woman with very horrible disabilities. When Helen turned two she found out she had meningitis, and a brain infection. Because there wasn't any cure in those days in time it led to her having blindness and deafness. Helen was known to be a wild and unruly child. She had a very hard time learning until Anne Sullivan came along. She helped Helen communicate by using a special kind of sign language. Anne would put her hand and Helen's hand and sign to her so she was able to feel it since she was not able to see what she was signing. Helen eventually got the hang of it and was soon able to communicate well with other people who knew the same sign language she knew and she also learned to read a new type of writing called Braille. Helen was even able to read lips by touching someone else's face. Helen also learned a few things she was not able to see, things like water and some other objects.

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Later on, Anne and Helen moved to New York to go to school for the blind and then went to school for the deaf after that. When Helen was finished with school she attended college at Radcliffe College in the 1900's. Helen was the first blind and deaf person to graduate from college with a college degree. After graduating college, Helen started to publish books. One of Helen's well known book is called The Story of My Life that was originally published in 1903. Helen also got the opportunity to travel all around the world and started getting recognized in many different countries. Japan admired Helen so much that they gave her a special dog as a gift. Japan thought Helen was so amazing and kind for standing up to help more people like her. Helen was so thankful for Japan for being very supportive and for the gift especially since Helen loved dogs. Throughout her journeys Helen had traveled to Australia, Brazil, Myanmar, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Iceland, Greece, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Lebanon, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Scotland, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, and Yugoslavia.

Helen wanted to travel all around the world to be able to speak up for the disability. She spoke up to get the disability into school because she understands how it feels being different from everybody else. She knows that it is hard not being in school and trying to keep up with the other children because of a disability that slows you down. But Helen believed even if you do have a disability you can still push through your limits and be successful in life. Helen thought everybody on the planet should be treated equally. She thought that you should treat others how you want to be treated because everybody has feelings and everybody's feelings can get hurt. No matter how tough you are or how weak you are everybody has feelings. The way Helen thought was truly amazing. She always wanted to help others and not worry as much about herself. That is what made Helen who she was.

Everybody loved her and they also loved her speech. Her speech inspired many people around the world and was able to get disabled children in school and got many adults a good education. Helen helped so many disabled children and she changed their whole life. Helen also made so many people view disabled people different. Disabled people got more respect and kindness from others. People who didn't have a disability never understood how it felt being behind the curtains. They never knew what it felt like being so different and unusual compared to everybody else. But Helen changed the way they thought. Helen let the world know how it really was and she changed the views on many people. But because of everything Helen has done, she was able to receive many awards, honorees, memorials, and many things that was in honor of Helen. She even received a Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1964 from president Lyndon B. Johnson. She also got an Academy Award for a documentary that talked about Helen's life. Helen was even awarded an honorary degree from Harvard because it was a dream of Helen's to attend school there but was a college only for men at the time. In conclusion, Helen has helped the world understand the difficulties of the disabled and helped so many of them get a good education.

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