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The Life of the Wright Brothers

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The Wright Brothers (Wilbur:1867-1912, Orville:1871-1948) born in Millville, and Dayton, have made a huge discovery that we still use to this day, it is the airplane. Before they even made the first airplane, they started other shops to earn money. They worked on testing glider experiments to see if there is a possibility to fly. After many tests with much trial and error, they soon figured out what they needed for a plane. Their first ever attempt on the first Wright Brother Glider wasn’t a test flight with a person on board, rather they flew it more like a kite. They then, eager to improve, worked on making it bigger and almost ready to fly. They never made the planes we are used to seeing today, but they made planes out of wood and able to glide, and soon, fly.

Wilbur Wright was the first and oldest of his family. When they were young, it was a toy that first gave them an enthusiasm for flying. Their dad brought them toys now and then, and one of the times he brought a helicopter toy which sparked their influence on trying to make an aircraft. More into Wilbur, in 1885-86 Wilbur experienced an accident in ice hockey where one of the kids hit him in the head with a hockey stick. Even though his injury healed, he went through a deep depression that leads him to not receive his diploma from high school. He even canceled his plans for college and went home to read in their library and to aid his mother. After his depression, both Wilbur and Orville came together and started a newspaper shop. In the shop, Wilbur edited the papers and Orville was the published them. They then went into a bicycle shop to repair them, and soon sell bikes of their own.

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Orville, who was the youngest of them, developed a love for kites. He enjoyed them so much that he soon started to make his own. This was one step in making the Wright brothers come together. Orville went to Dayton Central High School, but he soon realized that he was interested in other things outside of school. He then dropped out of high school and made a print shop, where he designed his own printing press. When the bike shop came up, Orville made a self-oiling bike that oils its wheel. Soon, in 1889, the Wright brothers mother died from tuberculosis. Because of this, Katharine Wright, Orville and Wilbur’s older sister, took over helping at the house.

Orville and Wilbur Wright were curious in aeronautics, they both followed the latest news on flying. In doing so, they found that they could make a person fly with some modifications on gliders. They soon went to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, where the wind was so they had a better chance to fly. Their first experiment was the wings. They wanted to find what type of wings would be best for flying. “They observed that birds angled their wings to balance and control their bodies during flight. Utilizing their concept of ‘wing warping’ and the movable rudder, the brothers developed a design that had eluded all who came before them,” they then worked on doing their first test. In December 17, 1903, the Wright brothers successfully flew a plane, their best was 59 seconds at 852 feet. When the brothers told the public, the all didn’t believe them, so they traveled to europe, hoping that more people will see their plane fly, and try to sell it.

Their first sold plane was to the Military for $25,000. Then they licenced they planes and started to develop even more planes to give out to the public. They later gave public shows on the planes, and lets some officials ride them. They soon went back to the United States and there were famous for the plane. They made there glider turn to be a plane pretty quickly, and also found out that different wings affect the flight.

Sadly their amazing legacy had to end some time. In 1912, on Wilburs trip to boston, he felt ill. He went to get it checked out, and found that he had typhoid. He died at home on May 30th, in his diary, his dad wrote, ““A short life, full of consequences. An unfailing intellect, imperturbable temper, great self-reliance and as great modesty, seeing the right clearly, pursuing it steadily, he lived and died,”. For three years, and three decades, Orville spent alone and became the president of the company, but in 1915, he sold it, not caring a lot of it. In January 30, 1948, he died of his second heart attack. The legacy of the Wright brothers is still honored to this day.

The Wright brothers have made the best thing that greatly affected our community to this day. We have taken the idea of their plane, and tried to make a plane that can fly, and stay in air for hours on hours. There are also planes in the military that are being used. With the invention of the plane, they have change transportation in a major way. Even though we have different designs, we can still see their originally designs in aircraft museums. The plane also lead to different parts in history. Without the plane, some history wouldn’t be here, and we would have to live in a society with no planes.


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