The Link Between French and American Revolution

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The American Revolution was caused mostly by increased British taxes without any representation of the colonies, more British intervention in their daily lives, and economic reasons. England’s commanders were taxing the colonists externally which were not allowing them any votes in assemblage. Besides, the colonists which were being taxed for lots of things such as paper, sugar, and tea, in which some big acts against these taxes include the Boston Tea Party. Moreover, Quartering was another cause of the American Revolution, which was referring to the housing of soldiers. The colonist was required to allow soldiers staying in the towns to live in their homes.

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The soldiers would come in, sleep in their houses, and eat their food for months on end with no word or money from the English government. To be concluded, the Boston Massacre was another grievance cause to the American Revolution. Five colonists were killed when British soldiers fired into a affirm congest. It has been considered one of the dominant points leading to the element of the American revolution. Furthermore, some may conclude it was because of Unlimited Search and Seizure, Destruction of Colonial Government, Direct Control of the Criminal Justice System, and guilty by Parliament which referred to as no guarantee of trial by jury.

The causes of the American revolution reflected enlightenment attitude in multifarious ways, with core enlightenment ideals including justice, liberty, and equality, leading the establishment of the condition of the American Revolution and the constitution that followed. Many theory’s and concepts, exceeding to freedom from despotism, natural rights, and contemporary thinking concerning government structure which came directly from enlightenment philosophers, that helped to form film foundation for colonialism and modern-day America. Furthermore, the Enlightenment movement had philosophers such as Montesquieu, Rousseau, John Locke, and Beccaria which evaluated different things about government and life.

One of the ideas of the reason was that people have a natural reason and so we should be living life according to that reason and nothing else. There was also the idea of the social contract which meant everyone agreed to live in an association where people agreed to the morals and rules that were retained. To be mentioned, there was also a colossal look at the legal system and how it was arbitrary in the use of judicial torture, that the law could be operated by the wealthy and used in such a way that the poor would have little or no entrance. All these ideas impact on how people thought. Locke was colossal clout towards the writing of the Declaration of Independence with the famous line we have the right to life, liberty. He clouts people to speak up to what they believed was naturally their right to have. When it comes to the French Revolution, it declines to this idea of nature, but also the government and the legal system is awful and call for to be changed. These philosophers’ publications motivated abundant people to make adequate noise to get things changed through the revolution. Further, some may argue that the main idea of enlightenment was that people should not aimlessly follow certain ways of life commonly because they were traditional.

There is no blunt link between the American and the French revolution. The French revolution is different from American in many ways and terms. In terms of ideas, they may have had comparable sources, for instance like free trade, and freedom of religion. The American was more ‘egalitarian’ but was based on concepts from England. Most of all, the American revolution was about tax arise and abandonment. While the French revolution opponent the monocracy in the year of 1789 and was more geology in a sense.

The despotism had conflicts with collecting tax. The French Revolution meant a great arrangement for farming and human rights in the long term. The Pope lost power, but confined power later. Things were getting more intense until Napoleon Bonaparte overthrow Europe. Revolution met considerable battle after the Napoleonic Wars. But the theories can be correlated because of physiocratic concepts. For example, which appeared as early as 1772 in Denmark, but that was too antiquated to proceed to combine against the landowners.

Moreover, an exceptional view of America was the variety of different religious groups that depart to America and freedom. In Europe, lords still composed and there was fugitive. Furthermore, some may argue that the American revolution did impact the French revolution but not in a very good way. For instance, France abetted America during the American revolution both substantially and militarily. French soldiers fought along with American soldiers against British forces, missile and arms were also provided by France to America. A monumental amount was enervated by France on America which arises in the consume of French depository which was already in a deplorable aspect, and which shifted France concerning relentless Economic catastrophe.

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