The Lion King Movie Review

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The Lion King Movie Review

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Leadership in The Lion King Movie
  • Defining State in Lion King
  • Lion King: The Model of Government in the Movie
  • The Classist Structure of Lion King's Society
  • Conclusion


The Lion King is a great movie for children as well as an adult. This movie teaches important moral values in which everyone can gain valuable understanding of life's lessons. When I was in GED school, my class teacher took the students to watch the Broadway show of “The Lion King” in Time Square. Despite the fact, I recall the movie kind of fascination form from the movie provides us with useful information about life and the government structure. There are many characters in the story, which plays their own role. In this paper, I am going to discuss about the government structure formed by the animals. Lets say in the government there is not king but also the senate, and the people.

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Leadership in The Lion King Movie

In the movie, “The Lion King” Mufasa is the leader of the jungle. He is a good leader. The king is the leader of the party with the most seats. He has the most power over decision-making due to which he was made the leader of the animals. There are many quality methods to be a good leadership which posses’ specific traits, such as self-confidence, determination, intelligence, and integrity. In my opinion, I think these are the qualities that Mufasa hold in which he has a good sense of humor. As Mufasa was getting old, he wants his son (Simba) to take over his place. The king teaches his son how to rule his kingdom and follow his traits. For example, the role that Mufasa and Simba hold is very similar to that of the king of my country Nepal. Prithvi Narayan Shah Dev. was the king of Nepal. As he was getting old, he passed his throne to his son. That’s how the traditional legitimacy is passed on from generation to generation. In monarchical system, the king rules the country, but once the king can’t rule no longer than there will be elected. Nepal was once a country ruled by a king, but now the system has changed to presidential.

Defining State in Lion King

The lion king has a strong state in terms of capacity because it has the ability of the state to carry out the basic tasks of providing security and reuniting freedom and equality. Since, all animals are respected and treated equal except for the hyenas. The reason behind the exile of hyenas is that Mufasa maintains this ruling, which looks like the hyenas are in a struggle. They don’t even get enough food to eat that makes Scar feel bad. Due to this reason, Scar tries to kill the king. In the movie, scar says, I look forward to any disagreement, that 'as far as brains go, I got the lion's share. But, when it comes to brute strength, I'm afraid I'm at the shallow end of the gene pool.' It other words, Scar is trying to say that he has the equal power to rule the jungle. But, in the comparison to the strength he won’t be able to win the king. He is trying to compete his intelligence with the king. We can see that the ruler of the Pride Rock has an absolute monarch, the king and queen who are assigned with full executives and judicial role. The state has choices, organization, legitimacy, and leadership to implement its decisions.

Similarly, traditional legitimacy is used in order to appeal to the people. It often represents historical traditions and legends as well as the continuity between past and present between the king and son. It is a tradition, which has been followed since the medieval age. It is built on the idea that certain aspects of politics are to be accepted because they have been built over a long period of time. For instance, Lion King himself wants to think Simba’s rules as a monarchy, which is a form of government in which singular ruler holds, the absolute power in his subjects. In the film, we see Mufasa passing on his wisdom to Simba, which will later be the basis of his rule in the result. Because of this dependence on his father's teachings, it can be assumed that Simba would carry on Mufasa's support of the banishment of the hyenas. It can also be expected that Scar is aware of this dependence as well.

Lion King: The Model of Government in the Movie

We can easily point the method of the Scar ruling into two significant directions. I.e. fascism and communism. The Scar’s rule is fascism, as well communism since, fascism is a nationalistic form of government with the strict class structure ruled by the powerful dictator where communism is a system based by economical quality. His character is even inspired by a fascist ruler. Fascism is caused by the state gaining glory through the constant conquest through was that something not seen in Scar’s rule. Likewise, in the movie his role shows the communist idea of the lack of an idea by having lions hanging on the same level. Communism calls for the rule by the people. This has been practicing in the real world. He acts as a communist in the movie. He manipulates Simba to run away from this place so that he won’t be the king after his father dies. This shows that Scar being cruel.

I feel that the lion king is a movie with authoritarian and totalitarian regime. Only one party has complete control over the affairs of the state without the agreement of the population. In totalitarian regimes, this leader tries to control all aspects of society, including things like the personal beliefs and morals of the population. Another form is a dictatorship, in which one person rules the country without being responsible to anyone and then passes his or her powers on to another person upon death. In this movie, Simba comes back after knowing that he has to take the place of his father. One of The Lion King’s main focuses is leadership and power. Throughout the whole movie, it is a battle of who has power, who wants power, and who is the best leader for the circumstance. Mufasa, the king of pride and his wife Sarabi gave birth to their son Simba who is next to the line to become king. Mufasa’s younger brother Scar is extremely upset that he will never be king and have power. Despite the fact, Scar uses his own power to kill the king, so he can be the king instead of Simba.

The Classist Structure of Lion King's Society

According to the movie, what we can figure out is that the higher your class the more power, status and influence you have on the economy. The one with more strength has more power in which he can conquer the country. Basically, it happens to every place, society, and country in the world. For example, the lion is the strongest animal in the jungle due to the fact that he is named as the king of the jungle. Similarly, in our country the president are the ones who have more wealth and power. Due to the fact, they rule the country. Male rules most of the countries. From my point of view, there is an inequality in gender all over the world. All the rulers, senator, and even the congress maximum are males. This shows that power is perceived upon the strength of the body. Some of the women are wealthy and have a higher class with social and economic resource. But, we never see woman winning in the election. For example, in the story of the lion king, Mufasa wife has no power to rule the jungle. She is represented there as a queen but with no any rights to rule.


Conversely, the party with the highest power is the party in power. They are the party who has the most representatives to vote on decisions passed through government. Similarly, the lions are similar to the party with the most seats because they are running the show, lead by their leader, Mufasa. In contrary, the people are what the government should be most concerned about, for as the country and so. If the people are happier than the country will be happy. In a sense, in the lion king the animals are the people because the animals are preserving the balance of the animal kingdom. There are also the members of the opposition in the government in which hyenas are the ones who played the role of the opposition. They actively, oppose the lions with extreme passion.  

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