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The Living Conditions Of Different Classes in 1919

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In 1919 the living conditions and environment were much different from today’s society. There were three different ranges, you were either lower class, medium class and upper class, which were all run differently. The lower class range which often most usually would get a low pay income with very low choice of jobs since they’re education wasn’t as good and couldn’t afford much considering. They got a low pay, but they had enough education to apply for a job, the lower class pay was around one dollar a week. The job choices for the lower class were often were builders, labourers, saw millers storeman and shop assistants. Women often stayed home or had jobs that were considered for women in the 1919. Lower class people usually had dirtier households and small houses, considering they couldn’t afford much or cleaning supplies.

In the middle class in 1919 things were a bit different, they started to come out with new transport such as frost and holden making carriages which was a new form of production and created more jobs for people which mostly was middle class. The middle ranged jobs options had much more choices and more money which would get five dollars a week or more. You could be a nurse a teacher a clerk and a few other options, they’re households were decently clean but still dirty, their houses were average but not the best considering they’re pay and environment.

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In the higher class things were much easier for people they would get the highest paid job out of all three classes, the highest they could get payed was nineteen dollars they’re were many different choice ranges for jobs and lots more money flow you could be be a bank manager, bank teller, shop assistant and much many more options. Life was much easier for higher class member they didn’t have to work as hard and could afford many more items and food, they could have many family members, the upper class people usually had decent houses that were decently clean, most families would have picnics with their families. The house rent for everyone was one dollar for a house and room.

Overall in 1919 people lived much differently compared to today’s society, many things have had changed the health and hygiene is much better today and we have learned many things since 1919 that we can use in today’s world.


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