The Lorax: Trees and Nature Above All

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Do you ever wonder what would happen if one day all the trees disappeared? Why are trees being used and why are they so important? What can we the people of the world do to help? These are the questions that will be answered in “Trees Above All”.

Trees are being cut down in abundance due to the demand we humans create. Deforestation is created by direct human contact, especially those who work in the logging, agriculture, cattle ranching, mining, oil extraction, and dam-building industries. So not only are trees being cut down to make products for human use, but they are also being cut down for the land they occupy. With that being said not all deforestation is intended. Wildfires and overgrazing are two examples of natural deforestation, which in some instances we cannot help.

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There will never be a set-in-stone way to completely end deforestation but there are many ways to collaborate. The first way to help is to recycle and use recycled products. A lot of people find this difficult either one because they are too lazy to shop for “green products” or two their town, city, state, place of work, etc. doesn’t have recycling options.

The next collaboration we can make to help end deforestation is tree care and reforestation. Take a tree plant a tree. If you need to cut down a tree for reasons such as safety, we should try to have a plan in place to replace that tree with a new one. If everyone is the world tried this solution the world would have many more trees to use.

The third contribution we can make is becoming an advocate and supporting conservation organizations. Not everyone is interested in giving time or money to support deforestation but the result, in the long run, might just save the human race. There are plenty of local and nationwide organizations that we can support to make the world a better place to live in.

So why are trees so important? Trees are not only vital to our health but are vital to many other things as well. Trees benefits the environment, boost the wildlife, strengthen communities, grow the economy, and protect the future are among some of the best reasons why trees are so essential to this world. Without trees, there will be no world left to live in.

If nothing is done soon about deforestation, what will the world look like? If there were no trees the answer is simple, there would be no life on earth. Trees are where we get our oxygen to breathe and if all the trees are gone that means we have so oxygen left to breathe.

Now let’s get to the statistics. It is projected that in approximately 100 years from now there will be no rainforests left. This is a very scary topic to talk about because once the trees are gone, they are gone. Forests cover about 30% of earth and are being cut down at an alarming rate of one and a half acres per second. If measures are not taken soon it will be too late.

Humans are not the only ones who are affected by deforestation it is wildlife as well. By taking the trees we are also taking the wildlife’s homes. Many animals cannot survive without the trees to take refuge in. If you cannot do it for yourself at least do it for the animals in need of a place to call home.

I can relate this issue to the movie The Lorax. In the movie, The Lorax “speaks for the trees” and confronts anyone who is trying to destroy the trees. This movie speaks a great message to the audience about trees and why they are so important. As the movie starts the trees are tall, big, and nice and colorful but by the end of the movie they are small, dark and virtually nonexistent. Throughout the movie, we can see and make an inference on how deforestation is destroying our planet. By watching this movie, we can bring awareness to the world in hopes of ending deforestation.

Another way I can relate to this issue is the discussion of deforestation in elementary school. I remember we would always talk about things such as deforestation and climate change on Earth Day and we would have to come up with ways we could help our earth. I believe that teaching and informing children at a young age about deforestation will help them to understand the consequences if they don’t do something about it.

The final way I can relate to deforestation is The Internation Day of Forests celebrated on March 21st of every year. The key messages that are to be taken away from this day are: understanding forests and ways to keep them alive which is crucial for our future, you’re never too young to start learning about trees and the environment, and investing your time and knowledge can change the world. This day is used to promote awareness for trees, ways to help conserve our environment, and most importantly learning to love trees.

These three examples of deforestation are things I have either saw firsthand or heard about, in an effort to end deforestation. These examples are along with many more that are the answer to educating youth as we are the future of the earth. I encourage you to join the fight to end the alarming rates of deforestation and take back our “green earth”.

As we conclude, think about what earth means to you? How can you contribute to make the rate of deforestation decrease? How can you educate others on the issue of deforestations and trees themselves? Most importantly find new ways to make the trees stop disappearing before we disappear too.

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