The Los Angeles LGBT Center: Mission and Leadership


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The Los Angeles LGBT Center mission is to create a place where LGBT community can find care, not just medical, but also services such as education, housing, and legal to help them be and feel as full members of society. This Center values respect, excellence, innovation, inclusiveness for everyone, and integrity in everything that we do. To do this we have a senior management group composed of 8 people, from which one is currently vacant. Among them is the Chief Executive Officer Lori L. Jean who has been an activist for LGBT issues since 1979. The Chief of Staff Darrel Cummings is responsible for the internal management of the organization. The Chief development Officer Bill McDermott leads the fundraising team. We also have over 600 employees that help provide our services.

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Number of people served/impacted/helped

Monthly, there is about 42,000 people that come to the Center asking for our services. In 2017, the Jeffrey Goodman Special Care Clinic treated about 2,857 people, the pharmacy had over 158,242 prescriptions, and over 31,800 visits for testing and treatment, and 22,200 beds for our homeless youth. Last year, we were able to obtain $109, 403 in grants, $235,952 by conditional donations, and $107,000 from events held to fundraise for our many programs. We also received a total of $4,388,677 from which some was due in half a year to five years from thereof. This year, we are in need of $105.8 million to continue our work.

Previous work related to your health group’s health topic

The LGBT center provides free HIV and STD testing. If an individual tests positive for HIV, they immediately have access to our services and onsite pharmacy to get the medications needed. Our Jeffrey Goodman Specialty Clinic serves HIV patients with clinical and management care. We provide patients with proper treatment options alongside nutritional guidance and counseling, including support groups, to make living with HIV more manageable. As part of our promotion strategy, we hold social events that cater to the LGBT community where we promote safe sex by giving out free condoms and spreading awareness to those most at risk for HIV.

History of working with the community

Established in 1969, The Los Angeles LGBT Center has served people from all ages through programs, services, education, and advocacy for a better and healthier life. Unfortunately, about 40% of the homeless youth in Los Angeles reside in Hollywood. We are able to provide those we can with food and shelter at our Youth Center located on Highland along with services such as education, activities, and take care of their health needs. We do the same with our seniors who are more prone to living alone than their heterosexual counterparts. We also offer counseling services and events to Transgender individuals. We want to continue targeting those who are at higher risk, including African Americans and Hispanics, who make 87% of the affected.

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