The Main Achievements of Galileo Galilei

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The Main Achievements Of Galileo Galilei

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Table of Contents

  • Becoming a Scientist
  • Inventions and Discoveries
  • Death
  • Bibliography

Becoming a Scientist

Galileo Galilei, conceived in February 1564, was to become the most powerful individual in the logical upset. Everyone knows that Galileo Galilei innovated the first telescope, but no one knows the paths and challenges he had to overcome.

Vincenzo Galilei, Galileo’s father, wanted Galileo to practice medicine and be a doctor. Galileo was enrolled in the College of Pisa to study medicine in 1581. When he was a student at the college, he ascertained that his passion was not medicine. Instead, it was mathematics. He tried to convince his father to leave the college to become a math teacher.

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Inventions and Discoveries

Everything went into his favor. His father accepted and he became a math teacher and then a math professor. In 1609, Galileo found out about the spyglass which makes an item looks nearer. Galileo, using his mathematical and technical skills, was able to create the first telescope – which sparked a great revolution in astronomy.

Individuals at this time, after Copernicus in the 1500s, still believed that the planet was at the universe’s focal point. He later distributed articulations that bolstered Copernicus’s hypothesis that each planet in the nearby planetary group circled around the sun. Because of that he was condemned to life detainment by the examination since his announcement was against the catholic church’s tenet. The catholic church accepted that the Earth is positioned in the center of the universe.

One of his most significant revelations is the disclosure of four moons circling around Jupiter discovered around 400 years prior. In addition, he ascertained that Saturn has rings around it. Galileo also invented the military compass which allowed gunmen to elevate cannons more accurately and safely. In addition, the military compass also became a tool of calculation used up to 300 years later.

With his great achievements that have form today, Galileo has been recognized as “The Father of Modern Science” in the scientific community. Another great contribution he did is the development of basic relativity. This helped shape Einstein’s theory of relativity. He also invented a Hydrostatic balance, at tool used to measure the amount of gold and silver. He invented a thermoscope, an object that resembles a thermometer but only detects the changes in temperature.


Unfortunately, after years of his great contributions that helped shape the world today, he died in January 8, 1962 in Italy because of a fever. He is certainly one of the most groundbreaking scientists in the world for a man who fought with the Catholic Church to spread the true words. It made people philosophically think more, and many years later, the Enlightenment Revolution begins to bring about changes Galileo wished for.


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