The Main Characteristics of Personalities of the Opportunist Zodiac Archetype

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The Main Characteristics Of Personalities Of The Opportunist Zodiac Archetype

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The twelve signs of the Zodiac represent twelve different characters, sort of like roles in a play. They can be described as archetypes, models into which human personality traits tend to group. Plato had theories about mental ideas - or forms - that were imprinted in the human mind before birth.

To understand the Opportunist even better, this article will now explore how the Opportunist behaves when influenced by the different Zodiac signs.

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ARIES OPPORTUNIST: 21 March to 19 April

This is a very dominating, intimidating and at times invasive personality. The Aries Opportunist is a show stopper who turns heads wherever they go. Because Aries is a fire sign, and fire signs are typically demanding, outgoing and confident, the Aries sign emphasizes and exaggerates the Opportunist qualities. These two energies fit perfectly, but this is not always a good thing. The spoiled, almost childlike desire to be seen in the Opportunist is amplified by Aries (the first, and therefore most childlike of the Astrology signs). This often surfaces as immaturity. Likewise, the strong will and competitive traits of the Opportunist, matched with the hard-headed determination of Aries can be mistaken as stubbornness and even aggression.

But underneath it all, the Aries Opportunist is first and foremost unpretentious. This soul is as real and uncorrupted as it’s possible to be. Their charisma is never forced, and those around them must remember that every part of their fascinating personality is genuine. They are attractive and desired by most around them, and are a very popular choice in friendship, romance and work alike.

Their honesty and integrity are only made more powerful by their passion and drive. The Aries Opportunist is an extremely hard worker and can be summarized as a force to be reckoned with. A word of advice for the Aries Opportunist – you are an energetic and driven person in nature. Given that you will likely succeed in your endeavors, you should also help others who are weaker than you. This way, you’d find true contentment and purpose in life.

TAURUS OPPORTUNIST: 20 April to 20 May

The earthy nature of Taurus, aligned with the determination of the Opportunist makes this soul a very serious one indeed. All of the passion that the Opportunist carries is tamed by Taurus and transformed into nothing short of undiluted focus.

The Taurean opportunist is inexhaustible in everything they do, be it work, love, friendship or spirituality. It is near impossible to change the mind of an Opportunist Bull, and even more so to stop them in their tracks.

The Taurean Opportunist is far less judgmental and critical than others and makes more of an effort to understand those around them. This also makes them less self-centered and more compassionate.

Another change is that the homely spirit of Taurus sometimes overpowers the social attitude of the Opportunist and in doing so, makes this someone who would much rather be loved at home than by the masses. This is not to say that the Taurean opportunist never craves the limelight – they do. Just not as ferociously. Their duty lies at home first, and with outsiders second. A word of advice for the Taurean Opportunist – you are wonderful person to be with. Your courage, determination and will power will be an inspiration to others around you. Remember to always keep your humility in check, to prevent yourself from falling.


The dual nature of the twins makes the Gemini Opportunist quite a contradiction – a jack of all trades, yet master of none if you will. On one side, the primary strength of the Gemini – communication – is made blunt and frank and almost brutal by the Opportunist spirit. But on the other side, the Gemini Opportunist is an attentive listener, observer and counselor who can display levels of compassion and sensitivity like no other Opportunist can.

By the same token, the Gemini Opportunist will desire recognition and acknowledgement for their achievements and talents but will be discerning in the crowd they attract and mix with and will for the most part be a lone wolf.

Their moves are calculated, but they are also spontaneous and adventurous. They are hard workers with a keen sense of duty – but only if it’s for something they truly believe in or find interesting.

Gemini Opportunists are calm spirits, optimists at heart and promoters of peace and tranquility. They play hard – sometimes harder than they work– but only if it feels right and they know they will have a good time.

It might take a while to crack the shells that Gemini Opportunists wear, but once you do you will find a bubbly spirit underneath who is an Opportunist in every sense of the word.

They are intelligent beings who appreciate the finer things in life, even if they have to enjoy them in solitude. While they are not as judgmental as other Opportunists, they can be unforgiving. A word of advice for the Gemini Opportunist – you are able to own things and the moment well. Being knowledgeable in many areas, you stand to have great insights that others may not see. Hence you need to be more forgiving toward others by being less frank and curt.

CANCER OPPORTUNIST: 21 June to 22 July

It might just be that Cancer is the sign that most closely embodies the desires of the Opportunist: Success, comfort, extravagance and luxury. While the primary difference here is that Cancer on its own is the homebody of the zodiac, who much prefers the warm comforts of home to anything the outside world could ever offer, while the Opportunist longs to see and be seen by everyone, at the heart of it these two signs are exactly the same and so one will amplify the other.

The Cancerian Opportunist is a warm soul, who is caring and nurturing – but who above all else longs to be nurtured. They are the kindest of all the Opportunists, and the softest too. While they work just as hard as any other Opportunist, their goals are slightly less selfish and more familiar. While other Opportunist pursue fame and fortune, this one pursues wealth, comfort and stability. They are more likely to host parties and please the people they care about than to leave the house to attend someone else’s extravaganza. Because of their homebody souls and nurturing attitudes, the Cancerian Opportunist is one of the more successful when it comes to romance. Their water influence makes them romantic as a poet and loyal as a dog. But they are sensitive beings, and those around them must be careful not to crush their caring spirits. A word of advice for the Cancerian Opportunist – being the warm and inviting person you are, you have what it takes to make people feel settled. Be careful not to over indulge and share too much, or else it might put you on a spot or even be caught in a vulnerable situation.

LEO OPPORTUNIST: 23 July to 22 August

There are very few people who can rise up to the challenge of a Leo Opportunist and emerge unscathed. If Cancer perfectly embodies the desires of the Opportunist, Leo perfectly embodies (and multiplies, and exaggerates) the behavior of the Opportunist.

Leo has always been the most confident of the signs. They are trailblazers and go getters, who know their worth and will go out of their way to make sure that you know their worth too. Pair this with the extroverted, pushy, dramatic soul of the Opportunist and you will understand why this person is not for everyone.

The trick here is to not take them at face value. What you think is arrogance is simply confident pride radiating from a person so unabashed in their accomplishments – you will not be able to dampen their spirits. What you think is conceit, is merely that self-worth making its way to the surface. What one might mistake for bossiness, is merely determination.

The Leo Opportunist is a strong soul – almost infallible in their motivation and self-esteem.

One problem that arises with this pairing is promiscuity. Leo Opportunities have much to learn in the ways of love. Their lesson is that there can be too much of a good thing. They will break a lot of hearts in their pursuit of perfection and pleasure. But once you meet one, you will understand why. They are magnets, irresistible to those that desire them. A word of advice for the Leo Opportunist – you are certain and know that you are truly a capable individual. However, you need to learn to keep your eyes forward on greater goals. You will take losses quite badly when things don’t turn out the way you wanted it to be.

VIRGO OPPORTUNIST: 23 August to 22 September

The traits of these two signs oppose each other and so this soul is interesting to say the very least. Virgos have always been down to earth and reserved – the polar opposite of the flamboyant, outgoing social butterflies that are the Opportunists.

What this means is that in the Virgo Opportunist you will find an eccentric spirit that is often misunderstood by the many puzzled people who know them. This is a person who would get all dressed up to attend a party, and then proceed to read a book in the corner by themselves for the whole night, and then, at the end of it exclaim that it was the best party they have ever been to – and they’ll mean it. They have fun by being lost in their own world. Why wouldn’t they just stay at home, you ask? Because they didn’t want to. Like any Opportunist, they love being seen. But like any Virgo, they just hate the idea of putting effort into it.

The Virgo Opportunist will follow their mind much more than they follow their heart. This may make them seem unapproachable and cold at times, but if Virgo is anything to go on, once you really get to know them, you will have found a friend for life.

Just never cross a Virgo Opportunist. They might seem soft and withdrawn, but if you invoke their anger, you will probably pay with your soul. Rather leave them to their quirks and everyone will be so much happier. A word of advice for the Virgo Opportunist – you have a beautiful soul within. You have so much more to share about – your experiences, knowledge and insight – to others. Do not be afraid to open up more and you might find yourself truly enjoying life by heaps and bounds.

LIBRA OPPORTUNIST: 23 September to 22 October

While the Libran Opportunist craves excitement, drama and attention just as much as any other Opportunist, they are the most open minded and diplomatic of the lot. Libra’s trope is that of balance, justice and fairness, and in this soul, there is the most observant and understanding fellow you could ever hope to meet. This is because the Opportunist side of this person understands people. When you are constantly the center of your social circles how could you not? But the Libra in them understands the world, and the natural order of things. This person might not be the least selfish, but they are certainly the least arrogant.

The Libran Opportunist is the sort of person who craves a stage that they can use as a platform to bring about change for the better. They are the ambassadors, activists, public and motivational speakers, counselors, judges, teachers and lawyers.

Their only vice is that what they give to the world, they never give to themselves or those closest to them. They can be extremely demanding at home and in love, and their obsession with perfection can push even those closest to them away. Although they are difficult to live with, they are loyal and honorable and are the kinds of people who settle for life. A word of advice for the Libran Opportunist – being the considerate and giving person you are, you bring a beacon of hope to those around you. Remember to keep your energy tank in check, because many a times, certain relationships may be a distraction from your bigger goals in life.

SCORPIO OPPORTUNIST: 23 October to 21 November

Scorpios in general known for being intense. All the dominant traits of the Opportunist will be amplified tenfold in the Scorpio, and so, like Leo, this person will be disagreeable and exhausting to many who do not understand their ways.

As a water sign, Scorpio makes the Opportunist especially emotional. But Scorpio has always been the most logical of the water signs, and so they will also be intimidating in their intellect. This person is incapable of compromise. Like Leo and Aquarius, Scorpio is a fixed sign. All of that intensity cannot go wasted, and so it’s there to stay. Good luck changing this person’s mind on anything. You will turn to dust before you win a debate against them.

But the extravagance of the Opportunist makes the emotions of the Scorpio slightly irrational. Everything they feel, they feel wholeheartedly and this leaves in a state where nothing is simple and everything is extreme. They may seem high-strung, or depressed, or so full of rage you fear them, but the Scorpio Opportunist is harmless. They are dramatic, yes, perhaps the most dramatic of them all, but they are always harmless. Behind all their intense energy is a gentle soul who wants what all Opportunists want: To be appreciated. A word of advice for the Scorpio Opportunist – you are a person of high intellect. You need to be able to also manage your emotional aspects, listen and clarify thoughts before you react and speak. In addition, you should also learn to pick the correct battles to fight. Not everything in life is worth contending with.

SAGITTARIUS OPPORTUNIST: 22 November to 21 December

As with Aries and Leo, Sagittarius is a fire sign, and so the dominant traits of both signs are exaggerated. What is most prominent in the Sagittarius Opportunist is their expectation. Often, the Sagittarian Opportunist will come across as snob – and in fact, sometimes they are snobs – but that’s because they have made up their minds on what they want and they will not accept anything less.

This means that the Sagittarian Opportunist is a highly ambitious soul who works harder than anyone to maintain those high standards. It’s also means that they are the ones who are most easily offended, and disappointed, and this can dampen their spirits quite drastically.

They are often perceived as serious souls who are stand-offish and closed off to the world, but all it takes is a little extra effort and they will come crawling out of their shells to have a good time with anyone who is inviting.

They are chatterboxes who can become passionate about absolutely anything. They are a bit slow in love but are loyal and gentle when they find it. A word of advice for the Sagittarian Opportunist – you know what it takes to succeed in life. When you set your eyes on them, you are determined to make things work. However, you also need to work well with others, because not many are able to make it through to the top alone.

CAPRICORN OPPORTUNIST: 22 December to 19 January

The Capricorn Opportunist is a steadfast and hard soul whose determination can only be matched by Taurus, and even then, it will be a close competition. Capricorns are much like Cancer in the sense that they’d much rather be homebound than social, and much like Libra in the sense that they use the attention placed on them for the greater good rather than selfish satisfaction. Their earth influence turns them into hosts rather than attendees of parties. They make fantastic cooks and are popular among friends and families for their skill at entertaining and providing.

At first, you might feel extremely intimidated by the Capricorn Opportunist because they know exactly where they stand, and where you stand too. Every now and then they will say something so brutal your soul might attempt to leave your body, then brush it off as though it were common knowledge. But Capricorn Opportunists are not mean people at all. They are merely direct and have stomachs so strong they are desensitized to most things.

But they are also gentle, and have great senses of humor, and are happiest when they can put a smile on someone else’s face.

This is not to say that they are selfless. They enjoy praise and recognition more than they will ever admit. A word of advice for the Capricorn Opportunist – you are firm in your ways and although it may seem to be the best interest for people, it may not be always appreciated. You need to learn how to accept that everybody is different and there are different ways to tackling the situation.

AQUARIUS OPPORTUNIST: 20 January to 18 February

What sets the Aquarian Opportunist apart is that they simply, yet absolutely could not give a single half a hoot what you think of them. If they want to streak down the street at midnight to protest animal rights than that’s exactly what they are going to do, and they will cause a ruckus that many will find disturbing, and they’ll enjoy it, because you paid attention to their cause. Then, on Sunday, they’ll be at church, knowing that you saw all there was to see and there will not be a single trace of shame or embarrassment (or regret) about them.

They are direct in their opinions, and utterly outrageous in their behavior. They are total peacocks who will rub their feathers in your face and bite you if you do not appreciate the beauty of it.

Ridiculous as these fellows may be, they do have a soft side. They are compassionate – and passionate too – and are living gifts that keep on giving. They are fun to have around, and are the life, heart and soul of any party –people who are never forgotten. They are well aware of this, and so use this power (that no other person has) to brighten the world around them. They are rare gems. So rare, that if you manage to find one, you best cling for dear life. These people have a terrible fear of commitment. It’s not that they don’t love you. They do. It’s just that sometimes they can’t tell the difference between romance and friendship. A word of advice for the Aquarian Opportunist – at times, you may think you know what the best solutions to the problems. However, it is best to be open about the suggestions from others – you could possibly tap on greater opportunities and knowledge from people that you come in to rub shoulders with.

PISCES OPPORTUNIST: 19 February to 20 March

The Piscean Opportunist is an odd character. For one, they are probably the only people on earth who have found a way to be both painfully shy that sometimes you’ll forget they are there, but also so obnoxiously arrogant when you remember they are there you will have urges to smack them on the mouth. They will toot their own horns, then apologize for it. But they won’t mean their apologies, because they meant to toot their own horns. The apology was only a social obligation.

Like Gemini, Piscean is a dual sign. A very confusing dual sign. With the drama and flamboyance of the Opportunist thrown into the mix, the poor Piscean Opportunist will be lucky if they meet even one person who truly understands them.

This person will feel something to such an extreme that they will make a show of it, but as soon as they step off the stage, will go on as if none of it ever mattered to begin with. You have to make an effort to keep up with the Piscean Opportunist’s mood swings. They will be numerous.

That said, because of their shy, soft souls, the Piscean opportunist is (surprisingly) the least likely to cause a scene. They are so afraid of offending people, that they are too timid for their own good. Most of their discrepancies will be suppressed. Piscean Opportunists are also particularly creative. Their preferred way of being seen and heard is to create art. Many will be jealous of their prodigal skill. But the Piscean Opportunist can be their own worst enemy who will hold themselves back and stay in their comfort zone forever if no one pushes them to leave it. A word of advice for the Piscean Opportunist – you need to be able to communicate better in both your verbal and non-verbal cues. Be clear of the goal you want to achieve before you speak, this way you would not be found accountable for situations that you do not want to be stuck in.

Famous Opportunist Personalities

It is also vital to understand and model after the success from people. This idea of reading and learning others through conscious observance is one of the best methods for achieving success. From the time you came into existence, you have learnt to crawl, eat, walk and talk by modeling or observing others. According to a study by Harvard University, they found that soldiers who discussed both successes and failures learned at higher rates than soldiers who discussed only failures..

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Although the 'Cream' got separated and Clapton joined other bands to perform with, his name already made a mark in the music industry. To date, he ranked at the second place in Rolling Stone "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time”, fourth in Gibson's "Top 50 Guitarists of All Time", and fifth in Time's "The 10 Best Electric Guitar Players".

Ultimately, Clapton is a guitar legend!

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She also participated in politics; actively endorsed and supported Barack Obama.

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Born as Neta-Lee Hershlag on June 9, 1981, Natalie Portman is an American-Israeli actress, film producer, and a director. She is famous in the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

Stardom is truly in Portman's destiny. At 10, she was asked by a Revlon agent to become a child model but she turned it down to focus her acting career. She attended in theater acting classes and auditioned for Broadway shows. In 1997, she was chosen to play as Anne Frank in a Broadway adaptation of The Diary of Anne Frank. Years later, she also landed on several film roles.

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Portman received several prestigious awards, including Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, Screen Actors Guild Award, BAFTA Award, and also the Critics' Choice Movie Award for Best Actress for portraying the life of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy in the movie 'Jackie.'


Beyoncé, also known as the 'Queen B', was born on September 4, 1981. She is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman. She is the wife of the famous rapper Jay-Z.

As a child, Beyoncé was already good at dancing and singing; winning different local talent competitions. In 1996, she was able to form an all-female singing group called, Destiny's Child, and successfully released a self-titled album in 1997. The group earned a very huge recognition in the industry. But in 2003, she went a solo career and released her first own album 'Dangerously in Love' that sold millions of copies globally plus five Grammy Awards. In 2004, she was reunited with Destiny's Child to release their final album 'Destiny Fulfilled' and officially broke up in 2005.

Working on her own, Beyoncé continued to embrace her success and even embarked on entrepreneurship like her fashion clothing line, 'House of Deréon'.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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But her biggest break came to light when she released her debut album 'Yours Truly' which automatically earned a No. 1 spot in the US Billboard 200. More chart-topping albums were soon followed.

At 24, Grande already belonged in the 100 most influential people in the world according to Time magazine annual list with over 60 awards, including 3 American Music Awards, 3 MTV Europe Music Awards, and an MTV Video Music Award.

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