The Main Differences Between Alcohol and Weed

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During the time that humans were on earth, they found many ways to find happiness or feel better no matter what it would take. During that time people fall over the alcohol, this is a component based on the fermentation of fruits, cereals, and vegetables. Since the time of the industrialization in the united states. People knew that these liquid can kill people and it was showed during the past years. There was a time where the united states had put on a prohibiton for alcohol and its derivatives. These resulted as the population making underground selling and moving a lot of money because people could not sustain themselves without it, even thought they now that these substance can be dangerous for everyone in a high level. After many new drugs where test, there was one that the population could not see if it was safe or not. By the way that the people behaved and look, government decided that this drug could not be able to be distributed as alcohol. Weed or cannabis was discovered in Asia around 500 BC. This drug is possibly the less harmless to the human body. 

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There was always a debate, and a common question among the weed community. Why is this drug illegal? there is a great debate across many countries over this issue. Cannabis contains tetrahydrocannabinol or THC among other components. These drug reaches the pleasure centers of the brain replicating the effect of heroin creating a feeling of euphoria or also called high. This drug is used more commonly for medical purposes only. Later in the united states they discovered that most of the population had consume weed in the past month. The fact that people use it more and more is because according to the weed population, the use of this drug gives the people a feeling that helps them see out of the box, or be able to find themselves. Lowering their aggression and laughing about everything.

There is certain fact that need to be reviewed. There is zero documented cases of death by marijuana, and over 30,722 Americans died from alcohol use. There is no evidence of people getting overdose of marijuana. According to a 16 years research there had been evidence that alcohol is more addictive that marijuana. Weed can increase the heart beet rate, compared to moderate drinking that slows the heart will be beneficial to the people keeping them with a low risk of having a stroke or heart attack against never drinking. Alcohol is liked to many types of cancer as the weed is not. If any of the drugs was used while driving, alcohol gives the driver a higher risk of an accident than being under the effects of weed. Alcohol is more likely to weight gain than weed does. According to these terms weed appears to have lower risk than alcohol does.

Having stated the main differences between alcohol and weed, so why is alcohol banned and weed not? The fact that there is no debate on banning alcohol but legalizing weed show the human preference to keep alcohol legal. The people themselves understand the risk of alcohol and the extreme consequences that it has. In the latin American population and some countries on north America agree to the consumption and is legal for teen over 18 can have these drinks and there enforce is weak. Also showing the undisputable weakness of the enforcement of alcohol abuse in the population. The fact that kids underage are able to get drinks and more with a cheap face ID. This generation knows about there consequences even thought there are programs for the school showing the problem that consuming theses substance can cause. Canabis on the othere side, it is known in the last mensioned part of the world that weed is a illegal drug even thought they do not know why. In latin America if a male kid comes drunk at night is okay as long as he did not crush the car, but if any male or female appears to had consume weed the parents takes immediate action on the case as for example demanding that school should have workshops for the drug consumption without acknowledging that they are consuming another type of drug that has a higher rate of death on there weekend. the weed community as there main point in there favor is the zero cases reported for the abuse of weed. These fact is true but parents do not know that and if they do they will be recognized as true, because of there social status and the way they where raised, with the fix mind that weed is a illegal and harmful drug. Most of the population in the world a driven not by logic but by there personal benefits. The people want alcohol even thought they can kill them or cause an accident ending in many deaths.

From the philosophical stand point, one philosopher stated the idea of antiliteralism meaning that is the “act to promote the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people” this philosopher called John Stuart Mill. As only utilitarianism in a nut shell is to see whether to know when to take the right moral choice based on the outcome of the situation. There is a great gap of scenes where utilitarianism cannot be specific enough to be serve as a guide. Mill explains a more specific scene for utilitarianism, stating the amount of happiness must be for the greatest amount of people. As a complex philosopher is important to know what is happiness for him and is “pleasure and freedom from pain”. Based from the idea of Mills, weed and alcohol can be seen different, since the old times there was alcohol for the poor, rich, young, old, problems, celebrations, and many more. While weed is a not so know drug. Some people do not even take the alcohol as a drug, most of the people of the southern part of the world still have problems defining what is moral or what not. Against the north that is more open to new ideas and new stand points in the teen generation. the greatest amount of happiness can change during a certain amount time, it might be in some years.

 But for now there is agreat amount of teens that have the enough knowledge that weed can be a healthier drug than alcohol, but the parties and clubs will not sell these drugs because of there illegal state. Also because there is a great amount of parents from the old uneducated and without being able to open there mind to new ideas will have a proble with cannabis or weed. The greatest amount of people most be benefited with happiness, while the smallest amount of people must hold there interest. There is pleasure on the parents knowing that there children are not drug addicts, they do not have the enough knowledge to understand that they already have a addiction to drinking. As a teen in this generation I understand that many of the people I know from my age associate drinking with happiness of relief of pain. There is the same effect with weed and I can healthier because alcohol can make you feel worst and lead to critical ideas as suicide or complete loss of conscience wheather weed might also drive the people to what it can called in the cannabis community a “bad voyage”. Whether is alcohol or weed, both can bring different types of satisfaction, according to mills the moral choice is the greatates amount of happiness fro the greatest amount of people. But what if the people do not understand that these new ideas can bring them more happiness in the long run as they will not think on there future but of there personal satisfaction that same moment. There is the scene were the parents can interfere and change the laws based on what they think is correct and moral. Legalizing weed for example can create a better future where there same children can be saved from a drunk driver or driving drung and having a accidente. The teenagers always want to have fun, and the social pressure of “friends” can make them choose the incorrect moral choice. In the long run if weed was to be legalized and the parents accept that there children are more to the cannabis than the drinking side, they will be able to be releaf or have freedom of pain from there duties of being a parent. The idea that there children will have less chance of being in a car accident if they know that they are going to consume weed than knowing that the probability of there children will be greater if they drink alcohol. 

The moral choice with the right amount of information can make a great difference. According to Crash Course, utilitiarism: Crash Course philosophy #36, shows “the rule utilitarianism allos us to refrain from acts that might maximize utility in the short run, and instead follow the rules that will maximize utility for the majority of time”. How do people know what is good or them, the answer in nothing that they can answer themselves. As a kid that wishes to never stop eating candy, or a men that wishes all the alcohol in he wants. There is no way they can decide themselves for there own good, as the principle of utility “you’ve chosen the action that would produce the most overall happiness for the group, even though it produced less happiness for you that other alternatives would have.” In this case choosing the legalization of weed across countries would be the right moral choice to take, but people are driven by more than the moral choices and always have an inclination to choose what will give them a relief of pain or the social comments that there friends of people around might say or think over the situation, having a incredible influence over the action and decition of the person being judge including leaving the moral choices to a side and just focusing on what the crowd wants. Legalizing weed would be the same situation as shown before, if a government and president decides that weed is legal for the good reasons, people might not understand it and it will affect the voting population over there next election. The young population that will have a greater idea of what weed can do will not be enough to support such a decition and therefore affect the interest of the president. From a president stand point, theymust give the population what they want in order to keep there popularity in there side and be able to be reelected. If they where to choose, they will choose not to legalize weed even thought is it safer than other drugs because of the social preasure of the people that they are ruling, and knowing that if its popularity might be at risk, and that not legalizing will give the majority happiness. They will decide for the utilitatian path giving pleasure to the people instead of what would be morality correct.

In my opinion, In a attempt to meet/answer the objection, I decided that even thought there are a lot of variables while taking a moral decition, there must be always the desire to take a action for the greater good, not for people to be pleasured, but for there relief of pain in the long run and they will be able to judge later if a decition was taken for the right reasons. And if it was based on the morality or from a utilitarist stand point. choosing for weed instead of alcohol, understand the benefit sof both and the dangers, not be biased for one or another. Give information to the people and make them choose by themselves whether is moral to accept weed or not. If it is unmoral to ban alcohol, and see what is the greatest pleasure would be for the people in the long run, as for the new laws and decitions that they will take will be reflect on there legacy. 

Even though I am unbiased for alcohol or weed. There is a lot of difference between them. There are certain fact that are more important for human health than others. Using these drugs on daily life, the most impacting fact was that the people that are driving under the effect of these drugs, have a difference kind of effect. Driving under alcohol can be more dangerous than being under weed. As a teenager, I prefer using weed. As many of my generation they are using different drugs and exploring new ways to find the extasis, the only safe way to achieve relief and happiness would be smoking weed, giving me the certainty of the lower heath and situation risk that these drug can put me on against harm that alcohol can do to me and others. 

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