The Main Factors Affecting School Reputation

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Different institutions, like schools, have their own ways of interacting with the environment of a variety of situations. And this interaction can most likely be a means of strategy of the institution in relation to building up a stature to be seen by the public audience. One of many important results of these interactions is public relation which pertains the management of information by an institution extended to the public.

The most valuable factor in relation to public relation is the reputation. Business man and investor, Warren Buffet, once said “It takes twenty years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it”. As this was in reference to businesses, there’s no denying that this applies to any institution, including schools. Sometimes great results can overshadow the slump. But when this happens conversely, one might consider it a great downfall. The concern on reputation is gradually progressing and during the process, its components were identified. One of which is the influential combination of culture and climate on the identity of an institution. This states that the school’s academic system defines its own image that which will unlock their competitive capabilities. Those who put academic excellence and similar factors as a priority in building up their reputation are unhappy as they are aware that this may result to students competing against each other, hence, turning a school into a boxing match instead of a happy place. This concludes from the identity of the school and customer (students and parents) satisfaction that which is proven to be a factor that may enhance the reputation of any types of business according to Bontis, Booker, & Serenko (2007).

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School location is also a key factor influencing school reputation for the fact that the local environment has a great impact on students’ as well as their parents’ socio-economic circumstances which then creates a certain level of expectation and satisfaction. In some cases like two similar universities with similar quality in terms of facilities and equipment but differ in geographic matter may vary because of socio-economic profiles of those enrolled in the institution. Another is the school type (public or private) because distinctive sectors have distinctive needs, offers and students’ profile be it socio-economic or academic. Every educational institution aims to expand the knowledge of their students by means of teaching. Despite having the same principle, schools may vary in terms of styles of teaching, content, equipment being used, and learning opportunities. People, especially those who are financially abled, always feel the need to have and be the best. When students and/or parents decide which school to enroll in, deciding for their future comes along with it. The school which they choose to become a part of is the same one that will appear on their resume and where their future networks will be.

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