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The Main Facts About Ramadan

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What is Ramadan?

As Holy Month of Ramadan is here, and I want to throw some light on what RAMADAN is all about. It is believed that Ramadan is month of QURAN. Quran was sent to Prophet Muhammad, May peace be up on Him during this month, it is book of ALLAH and guidance for humanity. In this month, Quran is read by all Muslims around world and they try to implement these teachings into day to day lives.


One of five pillars of Islam is FASTING, starting from dawn to dusk. One can have a little food before SEHRI, before Fajar prayer and in evenings after Maghrib prayer, they break their fast and have a mini feast called IFTAR and one can’t eat or drink anything whatsoever the whole day.

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This month is also known for voluntary charity called SADQA and obligatory charity called ZAKAT. A lot of money and food is given to poor and needy. The focus is to eliminate or rather eradicate hunger and poverty from this world. Also there some spiritual rewards for charity in this month, so they try to give whatever they can to anyone and as much as they can. It is also special because SATAN or DEVIL and his team are chained down and locked, so he can’t have influence on Muslims in this month and have them commence any bad or harm to others, and become more close to Creator.


Muslims believe in life after death, hence there’s a day called KHAYAAMAT or Judgment day, in which every single person will be held accountable for whatever they did in their lifetime. It would be very complex scrutinization to whatever good or bad one does in this world. They ask a lot of forgiveness form Creator, for the sins committed intentionally or unintentionally. Ramadan is also known as month of forgiveness. In Holy month every single good deed gets multiplied by several times also the DUAS’ are also accepted a lot in this month, especially during the time of IFTAR.

Muslims pray a lot during the nights of Holy month. There’s a special prayer called TARAVI almost held in all mosques around the world. Also, the last third of night is considered very important; it is believed that Allah comes down from seventh heaven to first heaven and calls out to anyone if he would like to get any Dua accepted, Allah would accept that Dua. If anyone is asking for forgiveness, Allah would forgive them. So this time is considered very important, every Muslim would try to get up at this time and ask forgiveness.

The Lessons Ramadan Gives

Ramadan teaches self-control. It is very easy to eat or drink when nobody is watching and no one will ever have a clue about it, but instead they believe that Allah is watching them. Even at the time of iftar, the table is all filled with good things, but they don’t touch anything till it is the time of IFTAR. Ramadan also teaches to be grateful and thankful about whatever one has instead of cribbing for something one doesn’t have, realising the value of food, water, comfort, wealth and lot more.

Blessings and Guidance

Overall, Ramadan is the month of blessings and guidance. Every Muslim try to introspect themselves and try to be a good human being and strengthen their relation with The Creator, because they believe ultimately they’ve to return back to Him. Ramadan is like a detox month, souls, bodies, personalities gets purified in this month and it is like extensive training month, with which one can lead a yearlong being a good human.

Lastly comes EID. It is celebration of successful month of Ramadan and they expect Allah to accept everything they did. On this day Muslims wear new clothes and there’s a special EID NAMAZ that is done and Muslims wish one another, meet their friends, family, lot of good food happens to be exchanged and enjoyed by everyone.


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