The Main Ideas of the Animated Film Zootopia

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The Main Ideas of the Animated Film Zootopia

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In the movie, preys and predators live together in a metropolis known as Zootopia. However, a few of the predators turned savage unexpectedly. It depends on Judy Hopps, a determined and strong-willed rabbit as well as Nick Wilde, a typical sly fox who in the end proved himself to be so much more to solve the case. Throughout the story, they unintentionally trigger tension between the various species of animals in the city (Blumenfeld, 2016). In the end, they both managed to solve the crime and minimised the stereotypes in Zootopia.

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The main message of the movie is not to be prejudiced towards other people despite coming from different family backgrounds, race, religion and culture. As evidence, Judy was looked down upon when she wishes to be a police officer because of the stereotypes against rabbits being small and weak. Furthermore, Nick and other predators are often angry as they are most likely to be suspected of committing crimes and violent behaviours compared to preys (Kois, 2016). Therefore, stereotyping often leads to misjudgement towards others and causes tension among the community. Hence, we should avoid stereotyping and not judge others based on their differences.

One of the interpersonal communication concepts found in Zootopia is the self-fulfilling prophecy. As evidence, this concept is portrayed by Judy Hopps. Judy is confident that she is competent in solving the missing mammals case even though Chief Bogo had doubted her. Her strong determination had led her to successfully capture the criminal. Another concept found in Zootopia is that communication is irreversible. For instance, when Judy was in a press conference after successfully finding the missing mammals, she said that the cause of the missing mammals going savage is due to their biological genes as they are predators and are more prone to go savage. This statement caused an outrage among the citizens of Zootopia. Judy was not able to take back her words hence proving communication is irreversible.

Furthermore, a main issue that caused tension between the characters is discrimination. The different types of animals seen in the movie represents the diverse communities in our world. In the movie Zootopia, discrimination can be seen when smaller-sized animals are given less priority in the police force compared to the bigger-sized animals. To illustrate, Judy Hopps was assigned as a meter officer in the police force and not allowed to solve crimes. In Malaysia, discrimination is also exhibited in the workforce. Women are normally seen to be less capable in higher positions compared to men due to the pregnancy factor. According to Women’s Aid Organisation (2016), through a survey, it has been found that more than 40% of women have been discriminated in the workforce because of their pregnancy. To address this issue, Malaysians should not underestimate women and provide more opportunities as they are equally capable to carry out their duties whether pregnant or not.

Overall, this movie has aroused feelings of sympathy and amusement. The messages and issues in Zootopia were meant to stimulate sympathy among the audience as audience may relate to the characters in the movie. As this is an animated film for the younger audience, certain scenes were humorous to make the atmosphere lighter therefore amusing the audience. Hence, the movie teaches us not to be afraid to be ourselves and to chase our dreams regardless of the judgement of others.

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