The Main Reasons Why Videogames Are Good for You

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Have you ever heard the words ‘stop playing video games it rots your brain” well if you are like me you hear that word for word every day of your life but if you don’t you’re either lucky or weird. Studies have shown that video games help your mind and conditions and you also probably hear “it hurts your eyes” and “video games bad for you”. It may but it takes a long while even then you can you prevent it. They increase reaction time resourcing early on and that is what i will be discussing about by the end of this essay. You should be able to argue with your mom about how long you can be able to play and lose because you’ll probably get sent up stares for arguing with your mother. And surely your mother won’t ask you why video games are good for you?

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I know that videogames can help your mind and condition such as depression again. I’m going to bring this quote from my everyday life ‘stop playing video games. It rots your brain” well it quite literally the opposite it increases grey matter that makes me think “wow moms have been wrong a lot” and that’s rare for my mom. Fast paced video games help with depression by starting up multiple sides of the brain and just technically making people happy. This makes me think that these games are more helpful and fun as they seem video games also help store memories more accurately and actually help small cases of memory loss such as dementia. This makes me feel that video games go deep into your brain to fix things. Some therapists even use video games to help with multiple symptoms. It this make me think that video games are useful in many different ways.

Playing video games may hurt your eyes but there are ways to prevent the damage on your eyes. This is giving me the idea that these tip could help in over all life such being on your phone, tv, computer even what im doing right now. Studies have shown that your eyes will last as long as you want. If you look away every twenty minutes and look at something twenty feet away for twenty seconds as known as the twenty-twenty-twenty rule this make me feel that almost nothing can really hurt your eyes if you are aware of what you can do. Also it takes three hours or more to even just start to hurt your eyes this makes me think what would happen if you did the full three hours then did the 20-20-20 rule. Plus studies have shown that fluorescent light make it worse but you to help keep the room evenly lit. When i hear this I feel why do the fluorescent lights make it worse. 

Playing video games increases reaction speed and teaches resourcing. If you are playing action games your reaction time will grow 25 percent or more. This makes me feel that the tipe a video games I like help improve a lot of things so far. Some games such as minecraft teaches you to take only what you need. Games like sims actually don’t help at all with reaction time but studies have shown the best video game to do that is call of duty so games that most boys my age like improve many things. Also back to the rotting your brain thing it does improve reaction time but most people think you get more dull but you actually stay just as accurate. This make me think that that videogames are just improving a lot lives. And I strongly believe that video games are good for you.

These are just some positives I found about video games. Surgeons use VR video games to hire train or prepare surgeons. This makes me feel that video games can help with a whole lot of things, even hiring people for crucial jobs. Most gamers are less likely to bully others, which may seem surprising since a lot of people are always saying that other people are noobs bot or even plebs but it is scientifically proven most gamers are less likely to bully others. Which makes me think about how the heck are video games impacting this part of us. Also I hope everyone knows playing games can make you more social, this makes me think about how many friends I got just by playing a certain game like in fortnite i’ve made 17 friends and a whole lot in minecraft and madden 17 but knowone thinks about that.

That is how I know that games can benefit lifes in many different ways they help your mind and conditions. It takes a long while to even hurt or eyes then you can you prevent, increase reaction time and resourcing early on and that is why and on the positive side of video games so next time when your parent says, “stop playing video games” don’t argue back.

Just know that nothing is wrong when you play video games and just as a small fact so far the max money you can make is $773,108 a year playing video games which means it would take you 2 years to be set for life if you spend 50,000 a year. In case you’re wondering you need 1,500,000 dollars to be set for life. That concludes my essay about the positives of video games and the estimated amount of money you can make by playing video games based on average lifespan of a human (79 years) is about 61 million before death.

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