The Major Parts of Utopia

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There are many parts to a utopia that comes down to people, technology, government, economy, location, rules, and laws. A utopia needs these aspects to be able to work. Utopia can group a couple of the aspects together, for example, the people and technology, government, rules and laws, and location and economy. These are major parts of a working utopia, these help the utopia function properly. Why do you think these are an important part of a utopia?

People, Technologies and Laws

People are an important part of a utopia and people use technology to further their communication, education, and health. People have to build a utopia for a place to live, further, their education, have somewhere to help the sick, and where they can get food. People have rules and laws to understand how society would work. The rules and laws would make boundaries for people to act smart. People would have to get resources to be able to build a society.

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Location and Economy

Location plays a big part in the utopia for people to live and where they could get the resources. Location and economy help people get the resources and have a place to build a town. The location would have to have enough resources for the economy for the town to survive for a long time. This would have to be big enough to have enough space to have everyone be comfortable. This would make more jobs and have more education for the people in the town.


The society would have to have rules and laws that would be controlled by the government. The government would have to make consequences for anyone that breaks the law. The government would have to be made up of a few groups called branches of the government. This would help the government control society easier and would have different branches work on different parts that would make up the community. The government would be made up of the people who are intelligent and who could be leaders. The people who make up the government would have to be fair and know how to have the community be the best it could be.


Why are the major parts important to the utopia? The aspects are an important part of the utopia. The reasons are people would need location and economy which would help the government, rules, and laws. People would use technology for communication, education, and health. The location would have to have enough space and resources for the town to survive for a long time. The intelligent and people who could be leaders would make up the government which would have to be fair and know what will be the best for the community.

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