The Major Problems Associated with Gmo’s

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For centuries, human have been cultivating land for growth of crops, fruit, and vegetables that are produced for both our consumption and for the betterment of our health. People have always wanted crops that display characteristics which are ideal for both consumption and agriculture. However, in more recent times, the advent of “genetically modified foods” has created an indubitable barrier to getting food we want whilst also being mindful of the conditions the environment is left in.

The major problem associated with GMO’s, revolves around the use of synthetic chemicals, and the aggressive desire to constantly produce monocultures when harvesting. In nature, it is extremely uncommon for there to be a vast overproduction of a single type of crop, whilst reducing the production of other types of crops. This in turn, is a prime culprit in reducing and promoting biodiversity in a given environment, which in turn leads to reduced resilience against natural disaster/changes. The introduction of synthetic chemicals leaves the preservation and continuation of species at risk, due their being a lack of research to support conclusions otherwise.

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The production of organic food, not only has benefits with respect to its nearby ecological environment, rather it also reduced carbon dioxide emissions. Due to most organic food being distributed locally, expenditure in terms of carbon dioxide emissions is greatly reduced. Moreover, organic farming is based on ecologically balanced agricultural practices involving soil fertility, crop rotation and natural pest control. When growing organic foods, farmers do not use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers on crops, and they reject the use of synthetic hormones, antibiotics or other medications in their livestock. In other words, organic food is grown naturally! Due to most organic food being distributed locally, expenditure in terms of carbon dioxide emissions is greatly reduced.

The effects of climate change pose extensive danger to humans and all species alike, and therefore should be somewhat mitigated through organic farming and subsequent production of organic food. Organic practices build soil health, making crops more resilient improving both drought resistance and ability to withstand flooding conditions. Moreover, water capture in organic fields can be higher than in conventional fields during torrential rains. In other words, organic fields store more water, thereby reducing runoff and recharging groundwater as well and cycling nutrients more effectively in the soil. Preservatives in conventional foods has become the main reason why people need to switch to organic foods! Pesticides are neurotoxin, which means that they harm nerve cells and the nervous tissue. Moreover, pesticides are also fat-soluble compounds, meaning that once you are exposed, they get stored in your body and are incredible difficult to get out!

Preservatives in conventional foods have hydrogenated oils and trans fat. This type of fat is difficult for the body to digest. Moreover, trans fat and fructose corn syrup are both ingredients that contribute to health problems like, diabetes, heart diseases and obesity. However, organic foods are not genetically modified, are processed minimally and are generally free from artificial ingredients. In conclusion, it is very important for all of you to go organic, as it is not only better for your well-being but, also the environment and nature.

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