The Major Role of Total Quality Management


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Project rationale

Construction industry have made a great impact for the economy of every country during the past few years. Specially there is a massive development in Sri Lanka in utilities as well as construction buildings. While speaking of construction Total Quality Management (TQM) does major role. Where TQM was found in japan at the industrial sector in 1952. The major role of TQM is to bring down material wastage, reduce construction time period, improve construction quality and to reduce production cost. TQM is a combination of several qualities, tequnies and value-added services within the organisation staff and stakeholders (Gharakhani et al., 2013). TQM was introduced to the manufacturing industry, currently applied to every other organisational structure. Although construction is complex area it seems to be that supply chain is simple and linear.

When an organisation put TQM for practice there is a large enhancement between the organisation goals and employees (Prajogo et al., 2013). Researchers say that the productivity would increase and production cost would decrease (Lam,1995).TLH is a real estate developer in Sri Lanka where they are on to building eco-friendly villages and eco-friendly villas, in Sri lanka. The main purpose of this activity is to know the importance of TQM, the methods, the technology that used in TQM, the impact of TQM towards the client as well as the supplier and the latest innovation of TQM are been discussed during the activity. There is no argument that well manage construction site with a well-maintained TQM brings benefits to the end customer, to the organisation, the country as well as the economy.

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Trust Lanka Holdings (Pvt) Ltd is a results-oriented real estate firm specializing in housing and real estate solutions which includes land development, sales, brokerage, property management construction and related services. The Company employs professional sales techniques, real estate development opportunities and innovative real estate programs to connect individuals & businesses with the industries best solutions available. We provide solutions by being industry leaders and ambitious problem solvers who think outside the box. Holding honesty and respectfulness is our highest values.

Current situation of the Trust Lanka Holdings pvt ltd.

TLH have launched their new projects all over the island. There are common few issues that the organisation face at the construction sites. Such as a considerable amount of material wastage while constructing and the issue of less labours. Labours have been steeling materials of the site, and sites are poor to deliver on time where the costumers have to wait more and organisation has to pay bank interest more.


Quality can be defined as a dynamic combination of a product, process, people and environmental which meets or exceeds expectation by helping to gain a great value within them (Goetsch and Davis, 2010). Quality can be even the requirement. (Crosby, 1979). Researchers say that quality is nothing other than surviving (Djerdjour & Patel, 2000). However, quality is subjective, where it can’t be defined exactly, where everyone has their own definition (American Society for Quality). Nevertheless, there is an argue building saying that there is no such definition for quality where the managers should fine the correct definition and should recognise its strengths and weaknesses before applying (Reeves & Bednar, 1994), (Rafii & Schlesinger, 1996).

Define Total Quality Management (TQM)

Management is the organisational process of Planning, Organising, controlling and Monitoring the functions and deploying human and financial methods to achieve its objectives (George, 1955). Where it can be explained as a multipurpose organ who manages a business and its people (Drucker, 1997). The key or the strategic planner in management is TQM (Peratec, 1994). TQM was found in Japan for the industrial purpose then spread across the whole world (Chase & Aquilano,1992). TQM is a strategy focused on achieving consumer, marketing, financial, environmental, and employee results (Yong & Wilkinson, 2001). TQM can be defined as a collection of process, Tanique’s, and standards in a certain period of time (ENG & Yusof, 2003), (Boaden, 1997). Researches also so state that TQM combines leadership, productivity and performance in to one unique relationship. (Johansson & Wiklund, 2003).

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