The Major Sources of Power

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  • Power in view of Informational Sources
  • Power in view of Contextual Sources
  • Power in view of Position
  • Power in view of Relationship Sources

Leaders utilize power for practicing and controlling the situations. They will effectively utilize the power to perform their roles and responsibilities and to take part in a negotiation process. There are five sources of power including

  • Power in view of personal sources
  • Power in view of informational sources
  • Power in view of contextual sources
  • Power in view of the position in a company
  • Power in view of relationship sources.

These are the major sources of power and these will be changed for the time. The people currently on media such as Donald Trump president of United States, Sundar Pichai CEO of Google, Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India, and Gianni Infantino president of FIFA.

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Power in view of Informational Sources

The expert power in negotiation process will pick up from informational sources. The method for exhibiting information influences the negotiation process. Sundar Pichai CEO of Google great obligations in brief term of time to connect with important results of the organization including desktop search, Google Toolbar, Gadgets, applications, and Google Gears. His knowledge into Google items got from the situation of CEO and assumed the responsibility of dealing with all the Google items.

Power in view of Contextual Sources

Power accompanies contextual sources is utilized during the negotiation. In this context, different types of sources available for contextual power are national culture, Best Alternatives to Negotiate Agreement (BATNA), and availability of support from audience, constituencies, and agents. Narendra Modi PM of India is effectively using his contextual power to make negotiations with neighbor countries and development of cooperative relationships with rivalry countries by visiting officially. Modi striving for utilizing the opportunities existed in other countries for enhancing the growth of Indian economy.

Power in view of Position

Power came because of being getting a decent position with a strong authority to control the things. It gives authentic power and asset to get consistency. Donald Trump is the best example for the person that got power with getting the position of United States (US) President. The US gave immense power to involve in building trade relationships and agreements with different countries and governing the things.

Power in view of Relationship Sources

Power additionally accompanies referential power from the predecessors. It has both negative and positive impact to give respect to the person with power. This best understood by an example that Gianno Infantino got power after his predecessor Sepp Blatter for controlling the governing structure of sports and avoiding negative damage occurred to FIFA due to scandals committed by Sepp Blatter.

By finishing the post, it is comprehended the intensity of any person determines due to considerable reasons and efforts.

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