The Management of Child Custody Cases in Lebanon


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Strict courts are segregating ladies with regards to youngster authority, and this is adversely affecting the kid. A recommended arrangement accompanies applying a common law that guarantees the youngster’s wellbeing alongside a story of accord between the guardians. First, we will examine how the Lebanese society and government manage care cases, and what are the serious issues coming about because of that.

Our society manages youngster guardianship cases:

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  • In Lebanon, youngster care is still dictated by our nation’s 18 religious part’s specialists. All religious strict divisions are allowed the privilege to put and control laws that worry separation and youngster authority, and simultaneously, the legislature is mindful to execute any choice taken by the profound court.
  • All families must adhere to the laws of their religion when managing separation or youngster care cases. Every single strict gathering have strict courts that are capable to achieve reasonableness and justness in administering.

The current laws being applied in Lebanon expand ladies separation marvel and kill the youngster’s wellbeing to pick whom to be with. Women are being separated from numerous points of view when managing guardianship of their kids.

  1. In some strict segments, a ladies loses guardianship of her kids when they are just 2 years. This may appear to be disastrous for the mother.
  2. Statistics show that in Lebanon, ladies remain in unfortunate or injurious associations with their spouses all together not to lose care of their youngsters.

The youngster’s wellbeing is scarcely mulled over:

  1. Barely do strict laws mull over the youngster’s inclinations which will unquestionably settle on the guardianship choices unequitable.
  2. This will likewise influence the youngster’s physical and emotional well-being adversely where he loses dependability. Most, if not all of profound courts dismiss the kid’s passionate needs and his inclinations.

The laws are not gotten from consecrated writings, neither The Bible nor Al Kuraan state how to manage youngster guardianship cases. These laws are obsolete, and considering another common law to deal with all youngster authority cases is an absolute necessity. After thick examine about authority laws in remote nations and the laws we have in Lebanon, I propose the accompanying arrangement:

The laws that oversee the privileges of guardianship must be considerate laws and free of any strict gathering. Youngster authority cases will be taken care of absolutely by the administration.

  1. Try to arrive at accord on joint guardianship if the two guardians approve of it.
  2. All the cases must be explored and considered, particularly the assessment of the psychological and physical strength of the dad/mother. The guardians lose their authority just in extraordinary cases, for example, being unfit physically or rationally to deal with a youngster.
  3. Custody ought to be talked about on a case by case premise. Ideally, the mother has a need over authority at more youthful age.
  4. If the kid is mature enough to settle on a discerning choice, their decision ought to truly be thought about.
  5. Both guardians ought to add to the youngster’s money related backing as indicated by their forces.

This law applies for youngsters younger than 18. After 18, the grown-up has the option to autonomously pick which parent to live with, without being exposed to any standard. The present laws running in profound courts and obsolete and it is fundamental that we think about their modernization. These laws add more to ladies separation and annul the youngster’s advantages. One proposed arrangement is looking for joint guardianship through common laws, and common laws as it were. After the separation case is contemplated by gathering of judges and specialists, the sensible choice is taken and the two guardians must obey it. Separation occurs, yet at the same time we can spare the kids’ lives.

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